How to Choose the Right LED Lights for Living Room and Bring Comfortable Lighting

How to Choose the Right LED Lights for Living Room and Bring Comfortable Lighting

LED lights, as a representative of energy-saving lamps and lanterns, are the best choice for lighting fixtures, and the same is also the best choice for living room lighting fixtures. But different LED lights can bring different lighting environments, buy the most suitable for their own living room LED lights, can bring a better feeling in daily life.

How to choose the right LED lights for living room? This question will give you the answer in the following content.

The more popular LED light fixtures currently used in living rooms are ceiling LED lights, pendant lights, and recessed light bars. Ceiling LED lights are the most popular choice among most families. Compared to pendant lights and recessed light bars, although the appearance of ceiling LED lights and the decorative effect is not as good as pendant lights and recessed light bars. But in daily use, ceiling LED lights can bring a more uniform, bright, and stable lighting. Basically no need to clean, not easy to damage.

On the contrary, the chandelier and recessed light bar sub can bring you a better decorative effect and more characteristic light for a period of time after installation, but the chandelier is easy to be damaged in daily life, and the recessed light bar is very easy to be malfunctioned, which affects the overall lighting effect. Secondly, in terms of installation difficulty, chandeliers, and recessed light bars are much more difficult to install than ceiling mounted LED lights, which brings a certain degree of difficulty for the preliminary work.

In a comprehensive comparison, ceiling LED lights are the best choice for LED lighting in the living room. Then how to choose ceiling LED lights?

Ceiling LED lights for living room usually come in 2 medium sizes, 2 feet, and 4 feet, with 4 feet being the majority. When choosing LED ceiling lights, you need to pay attention to a few points:

1: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also one of the things you need to pay attention to when choosing LED lights for your living room. Although LED lights are known for their high energy efficiency, it is better to choose energy-efficient LED lamps when choosing LED lamps for use inside the home. In the long run, energy-efficient LED lights save more electricity, which in turn reduces the electricity bill. With the increase in the use of time, this is also a considerable amount of money.

2: Brightness

For the choice of living room LED lamps and lanterns brightness, you need to consider the daily work and behavior in the living room. According to the living room habits of most families, including rest, watching movies, meeting guests, and entertainment and other daily behaviors. These living behaviors do not have a high demand for brightness, and when choosing LED lights, it is sufficient to choose a brightness of about 4500LM. If you want to further save energy consumption, then adjustable LED lights are a better choice for you.

3: Color Temperature

For the color temperature of the living room LED lights, choose the interval between 3500-4500K, the color temperature value of this interval, is closer to the color temperature of the sun, and can bring a bright field of vision at the same time, improve the visual degree of the naked eye on the object, and let the object's color and silhouette show more clearly.

4: Service Life

When choosing living room LED lights, the service life of LED lights does not need to be particularly entangled. Normal LED lights, the service life of 20000-25000 hours or so, some high-quality LED lamps and lanterns can be used for a longer time, or even up to 50000 hours. Of course, the service life of LED lights also has a relationship with the daily use of habits, if the daily use of too long, or close to open the frequency is very fast, which will also cause damage to the LED lights, affecting the service life.

5: Appearance

The appearance of LED lights is also an important item in the choice of living room LED lamps and lanterns. Choose to meet the living room decoration LED lamps and lanterns appearance and color, not only can make the LED lamps more natural integration into the living room environment, but also the overall environment of the living room set off better.

Through the above description, I believe that you are in the purchase of living room LED lights and some help. The right living room LED lights should have the appearance and color in line with the living room decor, have the right brightness and color temperature, as well as high energy efficiency and service life. Such living room LED lights can bring you a more comfortable living room lighting environment.

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