Garage Lighting - How to Choose the Right LED Garage Lights for Your Home Garage?

Garage Lighting - How to Choose the Right LED Garage Lights for Your Home Garage?

Garage lighting often varies depending on the choice of garage light fixtures. Light that is too bright tends to give you vertigo when you are in the garage, leading to falls. Light that is too dim can make it difficult for you to see what's around you. And the brightness of the lighting fixtures is not the only factor that affects garage lighting. Finding the right garage lighting fixtures often requires several comparisons before you can make a decision.

The choice of garage lighting fixtures is usually between fluorescent and LED lights. Incandescent lights are not considered because their light and color temperature are not up to the task of garage lighting. Fluorescent and LED lights have higher brightness and color temperature, which can bring a brighter lighting environment for the garage. As a mainstream lighting appliance in recent years, LED lights are becoming more familiar with their high energy efficiency and long service life. Gradually replaced the dominant position of fluorescent lamps, in the life of the majority of people become the first choice.

When choosing LED lights for garage, the following points are often considered, so as to select the right LED lights for your garage.

1. Brightness

Brightness is definitely the primary option when choosing LED lights for garage. Enough brightness to ensure that the garage has a bright environment. But it's not all about high brightness. Under normal circumstances, the brightness required for garage lighting is about 50-100 lumens per square foot. The right brightness brings a clear view.

2. Color Temperature Value

Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the color component contained in light in "K" (Kelvin). The color of the light should be different for the color temperature value. Currently, there are three color temperatures commonly used in home LED lighting: warm (2700-3500K), neutral daylight (3500-4500K), and cool white (5000-6500K). If used for garage lighting, neutral white light and cool white light are more appropriate. Cool white light is more suitable for people who need to work in the garage, such as woodworking or auto repair.

3. Energy Efficiency

When choosing LED lights for the garage, choose LED fixtures with high energy efficiency as much as possible. High energy efficiency represents less power consumption in the same brightness and use time. Under long-term use, you can save a lot of energy costs.

4. Service Life

Long service life is one of the advantages of LED lights and lanterns. Most ordinary LED lights and lanterns have a service life between 12000-25000 hours. Some high-quality LED lights and lanterns can reach 50,000 hours of service life. A longer lifespan will give your garage a longer lasting, stable, and brighter lighting environment. It can also reduce the subsequent repair and replacement work, saving maintenance costs.

5. Durability

The durability of LED lamps and lanterns is mainly reflected in their production materials and production process. High durability LED lamps and lanterns, often more effectively resist the influence of the external environment, such as oxidation, water vapor, and dust in the air. LED fixtures made with quality materials and craftsmanship will give your garage more consistent lighting.

By referring to the above 5 points, you will also be more comfortable in choosing garage LED lights for your garage. Brightness, color temperature, energy efficiency, longevity, and durability, and then combine them with the specific environment of your garage to choose the best LED light fixtures for your home garage. The right LED garage lights will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable garage lighting environment.

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