Why choose LED shop lights for garage, workshop?

LED shop lights are great lighting options for lighting a small work area or workbench.

LED shop lights are the new LED version of fluorescent shop lights.

Shop lights are commonly used in garages and workshops (hence the name) where a simple but cost-effective lighting fixture is needed to illuminate a small area such as a tabletop or workbench.

LED shop lights are an excellent choice for garages. Suspended by chain or mounted directly to the ceiling or wall, these fixtures are available in a variety of lengths to suit your project space. LED shop lights offer a flexible and affordable light source for your workspace.

Benefits for LED shop lights

1. LED shop lights save money.

There are two primary ways in which LEDs save users money. The first of these is quite obvious, in that they are far more energy efficient than all other types of lighting options. In addition to this, LEDs lower maintenance costs to nearly zero by eliminating the need to replace bulbs throughout their rated lifespan and therefore avoiding the need to pay disposal fees. Long term, this savings more than makes up for their higher initial cost. Rebates are also commonly offered to encourage energy efficient lighting which can help offset the initial cost of installation.

2. LED shop lights last longer.

Life cycles of LEDs are measured in tens of thousands of hours, which is exponentially longer than other lights. Light output throughout this time period is consistent, unlike most other types of lighting such as HIDs or fluorescents. Even after exceeding the rated number of hours, LEDs still produce sufficient light as they begin to fade.

3. LEDs are better for lighting.

LEDs provide an overall better quality and accuracy of light. These lights provide optimal color rendering, sharper focus, and enhanced ambient lighting to improve your facility’s appearance and give customers and employees a better overall experience. This improvement in lighting accuracy also helps to improve worker safety, making it easier for them to avoid mistakes or hazards.

4. LEDs provide a better work environment.

LED lighting is glare-free and less tiring on your eyes. Because of this, business owners will find it improves workplace productivity and increases employee satisfaction. In addition to this, the higher accuracy of these lights improves workplace safety due to higher visibility. Also, unlike legacy lighting such as mercury filled fluorescent tubes, LED lights do not shatter and do not contain toxic materials which reduces the necessity for special disposal fees.

5. LEDs are easy to upgrade.

It has never been easier to upgrade to LED lighting. From drop-in bulbs that work with existing fixtures, to full on replacement fixtures, upgrading with Straits is a straightforward process. In many cases, these lights simplify the installation due to them not requiring ballasts or extra supporting equipment as everything needed to operate them is self contained within the fixture. Let us help you upgrade to our premium shatterproof and mercury-free solutions are the best choices for your business.

6. LEDs are energy efficient.

By reducing CO2 emissions and efficiently converting electricity into light, LEDs are better for the environment and can cut energy consumption by upwards of 70 percent. Depending on the size of the application, this can save a company enough to cover the cost of upgrading within a matter of months. After paying for itself from energy savings, these lights will continue to pay dividends in annual energy savings for years to come.

Are LED shop lights worth it?

Yes. Energy-efficient LED lights cost more upfront, but they will save you money over time. LEDs are also better for the environment—a small, simple consumer choice we can all make to help reduce energy consumption. Because they do not need to heat up in order to light up, LEDs are also particularly well suited for unheated garages in cold climates. 

2 foot led shop lights

AntLux 2FT 20W Flush Mount LED Garage Shop Lights 2400LM

Features of 2ft LED Wrap Light

Durable steel construction with knock outs on ends and assemble the lights in line.

Easy and quick installation, Contractor-friendly design.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

4 foot led shop lights

AntLux 4FT LED Wraparound 40W Shop Lights for Garage, 4400lm

Features of 4ft LED Wraparound Lights

Easy and quick installation, Contractor-friendly design.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Environment protection without UV or IR radiation.

AntLux 4FT 50W Ultra Slim LED Shop Lights for Garage, No Glare, 5500 Lumens

Soft, no glare, Eye care design. 

Ultra Slim design make your space more elegant. 

180°shining from both side, no inadequate lighting. 

Two led strips inside this 4ft led shop light fixture, no extra bulbs are needed.

AntLux 4FT LED Shop Lights for Garage, 40W, 4400LM, Hanging or Surface Mount

Features of AntLux 4ft LED Shop Lights

More cost-efficient to operate than incandescent and fluorescent tube light. This 4ft led light fixture is great to replace 2-lamp fluorescent fixtures.

Easy and quick installation. You can hanging it with the included hanging chains or directly mount it to the ceiling with included mounting hardware.

Two led strips is inside this 4ft led light fixture with maintenance free, no bulbs required.

It emits bright lighting in your utility room. No dark spot, no blinding, no flickering.

8 foot led shop lights

AntLux 110W, 12600LM, 5000K, 8 Foot LED Garage Shop Lights

Features of 8 foot LED Light Fixtures

Durable steel construction with knock outs on ends and assemble the lights in line.

Ultra thin patent design. Frosted light cover provides soft and comfortable light, no dazzle, uniform illumination.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Dimmable led shop lights

AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W 5500lm, 3000K 4000K 5000K 3 Color Temperature Dimmable

Features of Dimmable 4FT LED Light Flush Mount

Selectable 3 color temperature feature allows you to choose your preferred light color: 3000K, 4000K or 5000K to fit your spaces and different needs.
Outstanding thermal solution and integrated PC board design with great heat dissipation, to ensure a long-lasting and stable performance
Frosted light diffuser provides a soft glow, uniform lighting and wide angle brightness control. No glare, no disturbing flickering. Protect your eyes from dazzle lighting.
Each 4ft led light fixture comes with two led strips, no extra bulbs needed.
Easy and fast installation. Can be surface mounted to walls and ceilings for application variability. Very convenient and Hassle-free installation.

AntLux’s led light fixtures provide high performance, long lifespan and energy savings for general purpose use. Our LED shop lights provide you brighter, durable and high efficiency lighting than traditional fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs. A step up from Antlux led lights is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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