What to Consider When Buying Garage Strip Light Fixture

Are you looking for the right fixture to install in your new garage or are you needing to replace an old fluorescent fixture? Choose an LED strip light fixture from one of our top led lights. Strip light fixtures can replace single and multiple lamp fluorescent fixtures and are designed for hardwire installation. Many retain the look of fluorescent fixtures with a lens resembling tubes. Workshops, storage areas, and utility rooms are just a few areas where these versatile lights can be used.

What are LED linear lighting strips fixtures?

LED linear lighting strips fixtures are fixtures of small sizes but with high performance for general lighting purposes. The linear strip light fixtures are constructed with housing, lens, end caps, and LED components. Features lightweight, easy installation, and low shipping cost. These advantages make the linear strip light being used widely in commercial and industrial lighting applications. The linear strip fixture is an excellent choice for either continuous row or stand-alone applications where a value-based lighting solution is required. Offered in multiple lengths, lumen packages, and with a variety of installation mounting features. Antlux LED strip light fixture is available in lengths of 2’, 4’, and 8’, allowing you to match existing fluorescent fixtures or keep the same aesthetic throughout your site.

Where to use LED linear strip light fixture?
LED strip light fixture is designed with uncompromised aesthetics, the high-performance luminaire is well suited for commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications, Industrial Areas, Storage Facilities, Shop Lighting, General Area Lighting, commercial applications, storage/utility areas, coves, display cases, indoor parking garage, airport, small warehouse.

Benefits of Commercial LED Strip Light Fixtures

LED strip light fixtures use less energy and last longer than their fluorescent counterparts. Most are designed with integrated LEDs so there is no need to replace lamps, lowering maintenance costs. LED strip light fixtures also come on to full brightness instantly, as the LEDs do not require a warmup period. Another benefit is that many fixtures can be mounted in continuous rows, allowing you to cover larger areas.

  • Cost, The LED linear strip light is cheaper than any other linear fixture such as vapor tight, wrap, and high bay.
  • Energy-saving, the LED strip light fixture saves at least 60% energy and electrical bill than fluorescent strip light
  • Durable, The LED strip is compact in size and durable construction than the fluorescent tube batten strip light
  • Dimmable, LED strip light fixture standard comes with 0-10V dimming with a few adder cost
  • Premium Aesthetics, Provides five different diffuser options for any specific requirements
  • Perfect for Continuous run, End-to-end illumination; No pixilation
  • Fast Installation, easier installation than the fluorescent version without carrying the tubes

Better for business

Outdated, inefficient lighting not only impacts the look of a space, but also the facility’s bottom line. The LED Strip Fixture provides the latest in energy efficiency combined with long-lasting, uniform light, ensuring an improved overall look as well as several financial benefits, including…

  • A reduction in energy costs
  • Elimination of routine maintenance
  • Eligibility for top utility rebates
  • Long-life beyond the initial payback period

One unit covers it all

Designed with versatility in mind, this linear strip fixture includes adjustable color temperature as well as adjustable wattage, allowing the installer to fine-tune the output to best meet the needs of the application.

  • Choose from three unique wattage/lumen levels
  • Choose from three unique color temperature options (3000K, 4000K, or 5000K)
  • Utilize 0-10V dimming to further customize your lighting needs while also reducing energy

Easy installation

Attach fixture to ceiling, connect wire correctly. This diffuser of led light fixture uses a unique pressure assembly cover structure, which is very easy for customers to assemble and disassemble. If you want to link multiple lights together, just knock out the holes on the end, and use connect wires to link up together.

Long term efficiency

Our LED Strip Fixture can be installed in minutes, but the long-term impact on energy and maintenance costs is just as impressive.

This fixture delivers up to 110 lumens per watt, providing optimal light while using minimal energy
Rated for up to 100,000 hours and backed by a 5-year warranty, you’re looking at well over a decade of uninterrupted, highly efficient light.

AntLux 110W 8FT LED Ultra Slim Strip Lights, 12600 Lumens, 5000K

AntLux 110W 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable, 12000 Lumens, 5000K

AntLux 72W Commercial LED Strip Fixture 4FT 8500 Lumens, 4000K

AntLux 4FT LED Strip Lights 50W 1-10V Dimmable, 5500LM, 4000K

What to Consider When Buying Garage Strip Light Fixture

While shopping for the best garage strip light fixture, keep these important factors in mind.


Garages receive little or no natural light, so when upgrading a lighting setup, choose strip light fixtures that put out a lot of bright light. The lighting industry measures brightness by lumens—a measure of light produced during a specific period of time. Bottom line: the more lumens, the brighter the lighting will be

Color Temperature 

Color temperature refers to the color the led strip light produces and is measured in kelvins (K).  Temperatures range between 3500K and 6000K, with the lower end being warmer and more yellow and the higher end cooler and bluer.

Most garages tend to be gray and industrial-looking, so cooler lighting temperatures are usually the most flattering, while warmer temperatures can give the floor a dingy look. Aim for a temperature in the area of 5000K. The led strip light produced by a 5000K bulb will be slightly blue but not glaring or harsh to the eyes.

Energy Efficiency 

Regardless of the lighting system chosen for a garage, a modern strip light fixture will use far less energy than older incandescent bulbs. LED lights can cut energy consumption by about 70 percent over an incandescent bulb producing the same amount of light. LED strip lights are even better, cutting as much as 90 percent of the energy consumption of a comparable incandescent bulb. Factor in that they last much longer (over 10,000 hours compared to an incandescent bulb’s 1,000 hours), and the savings are tremendous.

Installation and Connectivity 

Attach fixture to ceiling, connect wire correctly. This diffuser of led light fixture uses a unique pressure assembly cover structure, which is very easy for customers to assemble and disassemble. If you want to link multiple lights together, just knock out the holes on the end, and use connect wires to link up together.


An LED strip light can last 25 to 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb, all the while reducing the amount of energy consumed. A LED light can last as long as 10,000 hours compared to an incandescent bulb’s 1,000 hours. The reason LEDs last so much longer than incandescent varieties is that they don’t have a sensitive, fragile filament that can break or burn up.


For unheated garages in areas that experience bitterly cold winters, LED strip light fixtures are the most suitable choice. In fact, LEDs become more efficient in colder temperatures. They don’t need to heat up, so they become bright immediately and produce consistent, energy-efficient light in very cold temperatures. By contrast, some fluorescent lights cannot operate if the air temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Those who live in areas where temperatures often dip below freezing will do best with an LED setup for the best garage lighting.

AntLux’s 8ft led linear light is perfect for any application where high quality LED lighting is required for your workplace. Our 8 foot LED strip lights provide you brighter, cheaper, and healthier lighting than traditional lights. A step up from 8ft led strip light fixture is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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