What's the best LED kitchen ceiling lights?

Buying Guide for the Best LED Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Just like the rest of your home, keeping your kitchen well lit is highly important. This becomes even more important when you are cooking food and want to see everything clearly.

To ensure this, you can simply get one of the best LED kitchen ceiling lights that we discussed earlier. Thanks to their various features and lighting specifications mentioned above, you can easily get a powerful lighting setup for your kitchen. But those of you who wish to know even more before making a purchase decision can simply check out the following buying guide for the best kitchen ceiling lights:

1. Size

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while buying any kind of lights for your home is their size. This is especially important for your kitchen as a large-sized light can offer even and smooth lighting at your cooking area.

As for the various options available out there, you will find circular and rectangular LED lights. While the circular ones are generally around 15 inches in diameter, rectangular ones have a length ranging from 50 inch to 80 inches. Out of all these options, the larger 80-inch length or size rating is the better one for the best possible lighting.

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2. Wattage

Whether you are buying a light for your kitchen or any other place in your home, making sure that it is a powerful one is quite important. One easy way to get an idea of the performance or the brightness output of your LED kitchen ceiling light is to simply check its wattage rating. Generally, with a higher wattage rating results in brighter light output.

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Taking a look at the various options stated above, you can find various wattage ratings ranging from 20 to 30 watts for budget options and 60 to 80 watts for higher-end ones. As you would expect, the higher 80-watt rating is going to be much brighter than a 20 watt LED light for your kitchen.

3. Brightness

Apart from the wattage rating, many LED kitchen ceiling lights even mention a direct brightness rating. This brightness rating is given in terms of lumens where a higher lumen rating results in brighter light output.

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Some of the common brightness ratings can include options like 3000 lumens, 5000 lumens, and even 8000 lumens in higher-end options. And as you would have guessed, the higher 8000 lumens brightness rating is going to be the brightest one while buying LED kitchen ceiling lights.

4. Color Temperature

While the color temperature of your lights may not affect the performance, you should still consider checking it. The color temperature of any given light simply tells you about the color of the light that it emits.

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Usually, you will find color temperature ratings given in terms of Kelvin that can include 2500-3000K temperatures for warmer lights and 5000K-6000K temperatures for cooler lights. If you are not familiar with color temperatures, a warm light is yellowish and a cool light is either white or slightly blue. While most LED kitchen ceiling lights have a fixed color temperature rating, a few of them also offer adjustable color temperature for high versatility.

5. Warranty

Even though almost all LED kitchen ceiling lights discussed up above are durable, you should still consider their warranty to get an idea about how long they are going to last. Apart from the standard warranty periods like 2 or 3 years long, you can also find warranty of up to 5 or 6 years.


When you are cooking food in your kitchen or doing any other daily chores, making sure that you can see everything clearly is quite important. While this should not be an issue during the night, you need powerful and bright lights for the same during the night. One such great option can be going with something like the best LED kitchen ceiling lights present above.

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