What are the features of the best LED garage lights?

Whatever the project may be, working in the garage demands sufficient lighting. Dismal, poorly lit garages are not only difficult to work in, but they can also be hot spots for injuries. DIYers could trip over a cord or a hose, or accidentally cut themselves on an object they didn’t see.

The best garage lighting will transform a dark space with potential hazards into a safer, brighter environment suited to getting the job done right. Fortunately, there are many quality products to choose from. Swap out fluorescent fixtures for energy-efficient LEDs; install a screw-in, multiposition light bulb, and otherwise—easily and affordably—upgrade illumination in the garage.

These 8ft led strip lights for garage can be used as decoration to backlight your car, with them they will look stylish and glow in the dark.

AntLux 110W LED Shop Light 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable, 12000 Lumens, 5000K

AntLux LED Shop Light 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable

Features of 8ft led linear strip lights

Easy and quick installation. Linkable design can make it easy to install individually or continuously.

Can be surface mounted and suspended mount to walls and ceilings for application variability.

Use residential or commercial voltage. Input voltage 120 Volts AC.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Energy-efficient LED technology lowers energy usage and cost. Emits over 12000 Lumens for 
8ft led light fixtures.

Instant-On. 50,000hrs lifespan. Environment protection without UV or IR radiation.

AntLux 4FT LED Strip Lights 50W LED Shop Lights, 1-10V Dimmable, 5500LM, 4000K

AntLux 4FT LED Strip Lights LED Shop Lights, 1-10V Dimmable

Features of 4 foot LED Strip Light Fixtures

Durable steel construction with knock outs on ends and assemble the lights in line.

Wide flat diffuser design and frosted light cover provides soft and comfortable light, no dazzle, uniform illumination.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Energy-efficient LED technology lowers energy usage and cost. Emits over 5500 Lumens for 4 foot led garage lights.

What are the features of the best flush mount LED garage lights?

1. Super Bright: 4ft LED Garage Lights are with high luminous efficiency up to 100lm/w. If the garage light is 80w, the total lumen could be 8000 lumens, providing super bright daylight illumination that you can see every corner of your garage, as well as offering you the best indoor lighting experience.

2. Energy saving: Although LED shop lights are super bright, it uses only a little power in comparison with incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED light fixture features highly energy-efficient that’s why it can save you lots of electricity cost. The more LED garage lights you use, the more electricity bill you can save. And, since LEDs emit bright illumination, it turns out that you can use fewer light fixtures, overall it reduces the electricity cost further.

3. Ease of installation: Best LED garage lights are as simple as removing the old bulb and screwing them in, or it’s simply plug in. It uses no tools to install and no need to do extra wiring, installation is easy and quick. Basically, it serves the “plug and play” purpose.

4. Compact size: Normally the garage or basement in our home is with a low ceiling, to make full use of the space, LED garage ceiling lights should be in compact design or small size. So when it’s mounted or hanging on the ceiling, you will not have the sense of push and squeeze. And it also looks appropriate within the small space.

5. Durable and long-lasting: High quality LED garage lights made with aluminum material are better than made with plastic material. Not only does the aluminum is more durable and shatter and shock-resistant, but it also helps to disperse the heat more efficiently. It is with better heat dissipation than PC. Therefore, the lights can always work in a cooler condition, as a result of having a long life span.

It couldn’t be better to have a bright and well-lit garage, so you’re no longer need to pull the car outside to do any cleaning or detailing. We hope you can learn something from our complete guide for the LED garage lights.

AntLuxled linear strip light is perfect for any application where high-quality LED lighting is required for your workplace. Our LED 4ft shop lights provide you brighter, cheaper, and healthier lighting than traditional lights. A step up from flush mount led garage light fixture is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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