What LED color (Kelvin) temperature should I choose for garage, workshop?

Light bulbs that are available today are mostly Light Emitting Diode (LED). The advantage of the LED bulb is they are highly energy-efficient and fit standard light sockets. This kind of design allows them to produce the same amount of light using less electricity. Most LED bulbs last for up to 20 years. Different rooms require a different kind of lighting. The light color and light temperature on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. The lower the Kelvin numbers the yellow the color of the lights gets whereas, with higher Kelvin number, the light gets whiter and brighter.


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The kind of lighting you want to use in your home depends on the area of the room and in which part of the house you want to install it. For example, 2000K to 3000K lighting is best for a bedroom since the lighting is yellowish and soft. A kitchen needs warm colored bulb ranging from 3000K to 4000 K. And study areas need 5000K to 6000K LED bulbs for a bright daylight color.

This article guides you about which LED bulb will be best for you.

How does the light's color affect the mood of people?

Its true that color temperature can actually change the mood of people. A low colored temperature light triggers the release of Melatonin hormone which causes relaxation and makes you sleepy. Similarly, a high color temperature causes the releases of Serotonin which boosts up your energy level.

Now the garage is a place where you need to work. So, this place cant be of too low colored lighting or extremely bright colored lighting. A medium bright color with slightly yellowish tone will be best for the garage. The more lumens the brighter the bulb. A kitchen needs 500 to 1000 total lumens. Apart from brightness, the color temperature of the light is an important consideration.


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In general, LED lighting color temperatures range from 2300K to 6000K. Despite what you may assume, lower Kelvin lights produce the warmest light, while higher Kelvin lights produce the brightest, coldest light.

2300K (Amber Glow): Rich and intimate, our warmest color with an amber hue. This temperature is best suited for areas with dark-toned furniture, such as home bars and dens.

2700K (Warm White): A comforting orange-yellow temperature that provides a cozy ambience. This color is compatible with earth tones and wooden furnishings.

3000K (Soft White Glow): A good choice for homes and businesses alike, 3000K is an inviting and pleasant color that works well in seating and dining areas such as cafes, restaurants, lounges and bars.

4000K (Daylight Glow): This color is a clean white similar to natural daylight, best with light colors and minimalist decor. Use this temperature for applications such as offices, lobbies, schools, and garages. The 4k have less glare, just as bright, and the colors are more true .

5000K (Crystal White Glow): Crisp and illuminating, this blue-white temperature is energizing choice for outdoor security lighting and detail-oriented environments such as workshops, factories, and hospitals.

6000K (Super Bright White): Ultra-bright with a blue hue, 6000K is an intense LED light color that can have a futuristic glow. This color should be used in large commercial and industrial areas requiring superior brightness such as street lights and warehouses.


The correct way is to look at the things in the space and how they appear TO YOU, under the different colors. The 5000k will make blues, silvers, whites, and purples look very nice. The 4000k will work better with wood tones, browns, yellow, and reds. Maybe that will help a little.

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