The Best Antlux LED Shop Lights for Garage.

If you are looking for a good, viable alternative to conventional fluorescent lights for your garage, basement, workshop, or any other large space that requires comprehensive lighting, then a set of LED shop and garage lights may be just the product for you. These LED light fixtures are effective, durable, and super-efficient as well – and they are equally suitable for use at home or in work/commercial settings.

Whatever work you do in your garage, it helps to have sufficient lighting. Dismal, dimly-lit garages are not only difficult to work in, but they can also be hot spots for injuries. You could trip over a cord or a hose, accidentally cut yourself on an object you didn’t see—poor lighting in this space can be dangerous.

The best garage lighting will transform a dark space with potential hazards into a safer, brighter environment you can feel comfortable working in—and fortunately, there’s a ton of quality products to choose from. You can swap out fluorescent fixtures for energy-efficient LEDs, easily and affordably—upgrade the illumination in your garage. So read on to get a sense of the features to look for and to find out why the following options reign supreme as some of the best garage lighting available.

What to Consider When Buying Garage Lighting

While shopping for the best garage lighting, keep these important factors in mind.


Garages receive little or no natural light, so when upgrading your lighting setup, choose fixtures that put out a lot of bright light. The lighting industry measures brightness by lumens—a measure of light produced during a specific period of time. Bottom line: The more lumens, the brighter the lighting will be. As a general rule, the ideal lumen range for workshop and garage lighting is around 3500 lumens.

Color Temperature 

Color temperature refers to the color the light produces and is measured on a Kelvin scale.  Temperatures range between 4000K and 5000K, with the lower end being warmer and more yellow and the higher-end cooler and bluer.

Most garages tend to be gray and industrial, so cooler lighting temperatures are usually the most flattering, while warmer temperatures can give the floor a dingy look. Aim for a temperature in the area of 5000K. The light produced by a 5000K bulb will be slightly blue but not glaring or harsh to your eyes.

Installation and Connectivity  

Installation and connectivity may play a large role in deciding on the best garage lighting fixtures. If you don’t have a lot of electrical experience, there are easy-to-install options that produce great results. The Easiest way to upgrade your garage lighting is with LED shop light fixtures. They don’t require any extra wiring or much effort on your part.

There are other plug-in systems that you can string throughout your garage to produce a tremendous amount of light. These systems work through standard outlets: Simply plug them in and turn on their light switch. They often include “jumper” wires that will connect a set of lights together, illuminating your entire garage, and most times, they install with simple clips.


An LED bulb can last 45 to 50 times longer than an incandescent, all the while reducing the amount of energy consumed. A fluorescent bulb can last as long as up to 9,000 hours compared to an incandescent bulb’s 1,000 hours. The reason LEDs and fluorescents last so much longer than incandescent varieties is that they don’t have a sensitive, fragile filament that can break or burn up.

The Best LED Shop Ligths for Garage:

AntLux 72W 4FT Flush Mount LED Garage Lights Ultra Slim, 8000 Lumens, 4000K

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✔ ENERGY SAVING - Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hrs of maintenance-free operation.
✔ BETTER DESIGN - Soft, no glare, Eyecare design.
AntLux’s 4ft ultra slim LED garage lights provide high performance, long lifespan, and energy savings for general purpose use.

AntLux 4FT LED Linear Integrated Bay Light Fixture - 220W, 26500lm, 5000K, Dimmable LED Garage lights

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✔ ENERGY SAVING - Replace less-efficient traditional lights with a 26500lm output at 220W 4ft LED High Bay Light. Cut down your electricity bill up to 75%. Lifespan is over 23 years @ 6hrs / day.
✔ DIMMABLE - Optional dimming function. The 220w led warehouse lights can work with a 0-10v dimmer. Brightness is adjustable as your desire.
✔ HIGH PERFORMANCE - The 4ft led Linear High Bay Light fixture used die-casting aluminum with excellent heat dissipation, to ensure the LED and driver long-lasting lifespan

AntLux’s led garage lights provide high performance, long lifespan, and energy savings for illuminating large commercial and industrial areas.

AntLux 50W 4FT Flush Mount LED Garage Lights, 5600 Lumens, 4000K

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✔BRIGHT AND ENERGY SAVING - Replace less-efficient fluorescent tube light with a 5600 lumens output at 50 watts 4ft led light fixtures. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
✔ DURABLE - ETL Certified. There are two led strips inside each fixture. No extra bulbs are needed. No glare, No dazzle, No spot dot, uniform illumination.
✔ LINKABLE - Knockouts on ends and assemble the lights in line together (up to 20). 

AntLux's 4ft LED light fixtures provide high performance, long lifespan, and energy savings for general purpose use. 

AntLux 110W 8 Foot LED Garage Lights Linkable, 12000 Lumens, 5000K,

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✔ SUPER BRIGHT – The 8ft led shop light provides 12000 lumens output at 110 watts with high efficiency. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
✔ DURABLE FIXTURE - These 8ft led strip lights are ETL certified. There are led strips inside each fixture. No extra lighting source is needed. Rugged aluminum is used with excellent heat dissipation.

NTLUX’s linkable 8ft led garage light is perfect for any application where high-quality LED lighting is required for your workplace.

Buy AntLux bright, reliable,energy saving, high quality LED shop light fixtures at wholesale price. 5 years warranty. Free shipping, 24/7 customer service.

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