The Best 4FT LED Garage Ceiling Light Fixtures of 2022

When working on detailed projects in your garage or workshop, you need adequate lighting. Besides, a well-light workstation is vital for completing projects quickly and effectively. Investing in the best LED shop lights for a garage will help you achieve great visibility in your dimly-lit garage. These LED garage lights are specifically built for this purpose, delivering the high-powered light you require while being far more efficient than outdated fluorescent or incandescent bulbs you might have used in the past.

About led garage lights

LED shop lights are the LED replacement for fluorescent shop lights. They are typically used in workshops and garages (thus the name) to illuminate a small space such as a workbench or tabletop. Conversely, traditional fluorescent shop light fixtures are built to handle 4-foot fluorescent tubes, providing longer lifespans, reduced electricity consumption, and daylight-balanced color temperatures than incandescent bulbs. As a result, they're highly desirable for workshop lighting applications.

Furthermore, with the LED technology, the performance of LED garage lights outperforms fluorescent bulbs. These LED shop lights offer a longer lifespan and greater efficiencies than their fluorescent counterparts. Now that we know what LED garage lights are let's check out the best options for garage lighting.

AntLux 4FT 50W Ultra Slim LED Shop Lights for Garage

Soft, no glare, Eye care design. Ultra slim design makes your space more elegant. 180°shining from both sides, no inadequate lighting. Two led strips inside this 4ft led garage light fixture, no extra bulbs needed.

These LED garage lights were the perfect replacement for the 4-tube fluorescent fixtures in my garage. The color temperature of 4K is nice and white without being too "blue", and while the rated lumens are slightly less than the total of the 4 fluorescent tubes in each fixture they replaced, they are subjectively brighter. The light is also very well distributed with no hot spots or shadow areas. While a "standard" 48" long, these fixtures are narrower than the fluorescent fixtures they replaced, so be aware that if your ceiling is painted, there may be some trim painting required. The only real negative was that the mounting holes had a different spacing than the fixtures they replaced (not sure if there is a standard for that), so two new holes had to be made (I also recommend using toggle bolts for extra security rather than the drywall anchors they supply), Looking forward to these LEDs outlasting me and never having to deal with the disposal process necessary with fluorescent tubes.

AntLux Flush Mount Integrated 4ft Ceiling Garage Shop Lights

Ideal replacement of 2 outdated T8 T12 32-Watt fluorescent lights. Replace less-efficient fluorescent tube light with a 4800 lumens output at 40 watt 4ft led light fixtures. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. It can be easily flush mounted to the ceiling by one person and all the mounting hardware is included in the box.

This light for only being a 40 watt light will light up an entire section of my garage. The housing is sturdy and it was easy to take apart and put back together after wiring the power-cord. I did not expect to have to wire it myself but if I had read the description I would not have been surprised. Take a look at the video for installation tips and to see how it aluminates my dark garage. I recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive low energy light.

AntLux Dimmable 4 Foot LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Dimmable 4 Foot LED Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Selectable 3 color temperature feature allows you to choose your preferred light color: 3000K, 4000K or 5000K to fit your spaces and different needs.
Outstanding thermal solution and integrated PC board design with great heat dissipation, to ensure a long-lasting and stable performance
Elegant bronze metal end decor design to fit any decoration in your space.

After researching several LED lights for our kitchen, I decided to purchase the AntLux 4FT LED Flush Mount Puff Lights 60W, 6600 Lumens, 4000K Neutral White light, and I'm glad that I did. We are very pleased with the unobtrusive appearance and the brightness and color. Installation was not difficult. I would buy this light again.

AntLux 4ft LED Garage Light Fixture 50W Replace for Fluorescent Version

4FT flush mount led garage lights

This 4ft garage light fixture is made with high-performance LEDs. Using constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. Two led strip lights included each fixture, no extra bulb was needed.

Excellent value, easy to install, bright enough for a kitchen! I looked at many overhead kitchen lights and all were more money than I thought they were worth. It replaces an old fluorescent fixture, and this light covers the holes left by the other fixture. All hardware, including anchors and wire nuts are included. I had this installed in less than an hour.

How to Choose the Best LED Shop Lights

Now that we have seen some of the best LED shop lights money can buy, let me help you make the final decision by discussing certain essential factors worth considering when shopping around.

Wattage or energy consumption

A significant portion of the global campaign to get more and more people to shift towards LED lights is based on their significantly lower energy consumption compared to other bulbs. However, the efficiency of any shop light can change depending on various factors, including the type of LED units and drivers used.

It’s also important to take into account the power consumption and efficiency of the LED shop light you are eying and compare these parameters with other similar models. Power consumption might not have a big impact on your power bill if you only run 1-2 shop lights in your residential garage but if you own a larger repair shop, it might be worth taking into account.

Brightness output

In addition to their excellent efficiency, LED lights also provide high brightness outputs — a basic need for any garage or repair shop. Brightness can be measured using lumens, the measuring unit for luminous flux, denoting the amount of usable light emitted by any source per unit of time. Naturally, the higher the lumen value, the more powerful it is.

Mounting options

Most LED shop lights offer a wide range of mounting options and include all the required hardware. In most cases, you’ll be able to either screw the fixtures directly to the ceiling or hanging from it, but other models may also offer a wall-mount option and sometimes allow you to mount them flush with the surface (which is especially useful if you do some auto body work in there).

Of course, what will work best for you totally depends on your specific setting and personal preferences but we highly recommend going for versatile models even if you don’t need the flexibility right now, as it can be extremely challenging (or just a real bummer) to access mounting hardware later — and you know you’ll have put the extra hardware for the other mounting options somewhere so good luck finding them then.

Expected lifetime and warranty

The LEDs used in any shop light fixture come with an average lifetime rating, giving you an estimate of how long they are expected to last in ideal situations. These figures are given in hours and generally range from 25,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on the make and model. For obvious reasons, it is advisable to go for LEDs with longer service life.

Still, service ratings on any LED do not guarantee how long that light will actualy last — it’s merely an indication, an estimated average. And if we know one thing about electrical equipment, it can break anytime without prior notice. Still, it’s a good way to compare the model you are about to buy with others but that’s pretty much it. For that reason, buy an LED shop light with a significant warranty period, so you have nothing to worry about even in case of premature failure.

How do I know how many lumens I need for my shop?

To help you better decide the lumen output required for your garage, we have developed a general guide that uses the shop’s available square footage as the principal deciding factor.

For any workshop, warehouse, repair shop, or garage, you’ll need about 40-50 foot-candles (about the equivalent of the light produced by a candle at a one-foot distance). Multiplying the area of your garage by 40-50 will give you a rough estimate of how many lumens you need. Of course, you can always go overboard and go well over that amount but keep in mind that it might create glaring issues and strain your eyes faster.

Also worth mentioning, don’t forget to mount the lights strategically around the area to maximize their resources and prevent dark corners. I would also suggest starting by placing lights right above where you need more light first. For instance, if you are an auto mechanic, think about installing one right above your workbench and another one just ahead where engine bays sit when a car is on the lift. For auto body repairmen, place one on each side of your bay; it will make it a lot easier to locate dents and identify rough spots.

Once that’s done, sprinkle the next ones around until you are satisfied with the result.


Whether you use your garage as a workshop or just as a toolshed, proper lighting is essential. However, how much light you need and where you actually need it will vary a lot depending on the type of work you do in there. Consequently, you are the only one who actually knows where you want your fixtures and how powerful they need to be. 

AntLux's 4ft led garage light fixture provide high performance and energy saving for you. Advantaged LEDs technology, our 4 foot led shop light with good heat dissipation, using less energy and higher effective than traditional fluorescent tubes. Over 50,000 hours lifespan. This low-energy led lighting is perfect to use in residential, the best replacement for old-style fluorescent lights.

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