Something We Need to Know about LED light fixture

The technology and the materials used are vital to understanding how the LED works.

Although the first PN junction had been in use for many years, it was not until 1962 that the LED was developed and its activity started to be understood worldwide.

LED technology: how a LED works

The semiconductor material used for the intersection must be a compound semiconductor. The commonly used semiconductor materials, including silicon and germanium, are simple elements and junction made from these materials does not emit light. Instead of compound semiconductors including gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, and indium phosphide are compound semiconductors, and junctions made from these materials to emit light.

These compound semiconductors are classified by the valence bands their constituents occupy. For gallium arsenide, gallium has a valency of three and arsenic a valency of five and this is what is termed a group III-V semiconductor, and there are several other semiconductors that fit this category.

The light emitting diode emits light when it is forward biased. Holes from the p-type region and electrons from the n-type region enter the junction and recombine like a standard diode to enable the current to flow. When this occurs, energy is released, some of which is in the form of light photons.

It is found that the majority of the light is produced from the area of the junction nearer to the P-type region. As a result, the design of the diodes is made such that this area is kept as close to the surface of the device as possible to ensure that the minimum amount of light is absorbed in the structure.

To produce light which can be seen, the junction must be optimized and the correct materials must be 3chosen. Pure gallium arsenide releases energy in the infrared portion of the spectrum. Aluminum is added to the semiconductor to give aluminum gallium arsenide (AlGaAs) To bring the light emission into the visible red end of the spectrum.. Phosphorus can also be added to provide red light. For other colors, other materials are used. For example, gallium phosphide gives the green light, and aluminum indium gallium phosphide is used for yellow and orange light. Most LEDs are based on gallium semiconductors.

AntLux 4FT LED Wraparound Light Fixture

Feature of 4FT LED Wrap Light Fixture

Ultra bright light and energy saving, cut down the cost of electric bill.
180°shining from two sides, which enough to illuminate the entire space.
Frosted light diffuser provides soft and comfortable lighting, protect your eyes from dazzling and glare lighting.
Easy and quickly installation. Flush mounting and hanging mounting available.
Suitable for residential or commercial area.

LED Lighting and Driver Issues
Although for the most part LED Lighting is extremely resilient and long lifespan but that doesn't mean they will never fail. If one thing happened throughout the producing method of LED lighting faulty, you'll find yourself associate with LED product that goes out well before its time. And there are different factors which will result in failure.


The power that keeps running from LED drivers through an LED lighting system ends up becoming heat. Eventually, heat will slowly damage the driver component and its functionality.

Environmental Factors

LED drivers are rated to work the best within a certain temperature. The more it goes outside of the range, the more it will not work as efficiently. It's always important to make sure to know the operating temperature for the LED driver you select and keep it shielded from the sun and alternative heat sources. Also, not all LED drivers are damp listed, so make sure with moisture type environment.

Quality Component

If you select an LED driver that is not made from the highest possible parts, you may find yourself with some issues. Make sure to purchase LED Lighting and driver from a manufacturer that uses quality component, and does strictly test on the LED driver to make sure it can hold up to the rise in temperature and another issue it may encounter.

AntLux's 4' led light fixtures provide high performance and energy saving for you. Our 4 ft led shop light for garage, 180° shining from 2 sides, provides enough bright, soft and comfortable lighting for your room. Upgrade version 4ft ultra slim LED wraparound light not only on novel look but also longspan, more than 50,000 hours, which is the best replacement for fluorescent tube.

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