LED Shop Lighting Types and Options

The emergence of LED continues to get the undivided attention of many people due to its numerous benefits. LED depicts a bright future in the lighting industry. An incursion of LED lighting is experienced today due to its high demand. It has brought about an invasion of LED shop lights resulting in a wider variety to the consumer for workshop-style lighting.

The notion that shop lights are only used for tabletops and workbenches is outworn. Shop lights are lighting fixtures used for both residential and commercial applications. They are hung from the ceiling via hooks and chains and are applicable in large garages, utility rooms, workshops, etc. The LED shop lights are uniquely designed to replace older fluorescent shop lights whose efficiency and lifespan have been overtaken by time. Lets find out more about LED shop lights types and options.

Best Shop Lights by Series

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Advanced + advanced equals the best of the best.   Advanced full-sized nonisolated LED driver with a 6KV surge ensures this will outlast anything else. Add an advanced microwave sensor that is much better than infrared(IR or PIR) and you have a world-class beat of a light.   Optional 60 or 90 degrees for installs above 25 feet.


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2.  Best for Harsh Environments - AntLux UFO LED High Bay Light 200W IP65 Waterproof

If you are new to lighting, there is standard and then there is hazardous location lighting.    Its required by law in energy plants, marine, mines and military, but manufacturing and related often need to go this way too.


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LED Shop Lights Types

LED shop lights are gaining popularity remarkably due to their increased lifespan and efficiency compared to their fluorescent counterparts. They are pocket-friendly, simple to install, readily adjustable, and clearly a no-brainer. The following are the well-known types of LED shop lights used in a variety of applications.

1. High Bay LED Shop Lights

LED shop lights have illustrated excellence compared to traditional models. They are not only lights to reckon with, but they provide consumers with a quality design that outperforms the competition.

When it comes to high bay LED shop lights, you have to consider your ceiling's height and the area the light should cover. This is critical so that you can focus light directly and enjoy a powerful illumination.


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Buy it from website: Antlux Commercial LED High Bay Light Fixtures

For commercial and industrial applications like warehouses and retail stores, you need to settle for high bay LED shop lights designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. You need a high bay LED shop light that is a heat sink and can run for a long time before replacing it.

2. LED Shop Lights for Garage

The garage is one of the places that take a lot of an individuals time. It is a multi-purpose room that requires sufficient attention when it comes to lighting options. This is why one has to consider the different lighting options by looking at their perks and selecting the best option meeting their lighting needs. Go for luminaries that offer brightness between 5,000-7,000 lumens, depending on your work in the garage.

3. Linkable LED shop lights

Linkable LED shop lights have made an outstanding revelation in replacing the traditional fluorescent fixtures. A huge number of individuals benefit from its applications in basements and workshops. Using only 200-Watts of energy, it can emit up to 5,000K that gives you the best bright white light for your eyes.

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Buy it from website: AntLux LED Shop Light 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable

The Linkable LED shop lights give you room to save substantially on your electricity bill. With only 5000K natural light, you can enjoy an awesome lighting experience for specific or general lighting.

With the hassle-free installation, you get to enjoy a selection of either hanging mounting or flush mounting depending on your needs and preferences. You can seek guidance from professionals on the best option to settle for.

4. 4 Foot LED Light Fixture

The 4 foot LED light fixture is a clear depiction that LED is dominating the lighting industry. Not only do they last longer, but they also offer instant lighting with the perfect brightness. The combination of sufficient lighting and saving energy bills makes the 4 foot LED light fixture unique and preferable.

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Buy it from website: AntLux 4FT LED Linear Integrated Bay Light Fixture

Depending on the application's purpose, you can adjust it to extreme illumination and still save up to 75% of your power consumption. You can link more than one lighting fixture for an enhanced lighting setup and impressive lighting levels.

LED Shop Lights Options

1. Dimmable LED UFO Lights

With advancements in technology, LED shop lights are dimmable, but they do not dim in the same manner. This is because LED consumes low wattage, and therefore, many types of dimmers do not perform well with them compared to the high wattage options.

The individuals who prefer dimmable lights still get to enjoy the dimmable LED shop lights to their liking.

2. 5000K LED Shop Light

For your ultimate bright daylight color, enjoy the 5000K LED shop light in your bathroom, study room, and basement. The good thing with the LED shop lights is the various options it provides to its consumers. With 24000 lumens at 5000K daylight white, you can enjoy super bright and durable LED options for various applications.

The 5000K LED shop lights can be used in garages, workshops, workbench areas, warehouses, basements, and equipment rooms.

3. Commercial LED Shop Lights

Choose commercial LED Light Fixtures for better quality lighting that can guarantee increased productivity and efficiency in your work. Use professionals for installation services to get the right spacing that provides you with ultimate illumination.


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Buy it from website: AntLux 110W 8FT LED Wraparound Ultra Slim Strip Lights

Commercial LED shop lights have become the best lighting alternative to many industrial and commercial applications. Businesses save enormously and can enjoy their 24/7 shifts with increased productivity.

Buying LED Shop Lights

As much as LED shop lights may be a quick fix to your lighting solutions, ensure that you consult a professional that can provide you with the right advice on the most suitable choice. Take advantage of online reviews and testimonials before making any rash decisions. Do in-depth research to ensure that you understand all is needed during your purchase.

The wide market of LED shop lights has made competition effective, which has resulted in better brands and thorough manufacturing processes. Despite the wide variety, it is vital to watch out for counterfeit products offered by two-faced suppliers. Take time to do in-depth background check of the supplier or manufacturer, to avoid becoming a casualty. Every penny saved in lighting activities, whether residential or commercial, come in handy for a better tomorrow. Therefore, individuals need to illuminate their way to the LED shop light world and enjoy the different types and options available. Keep up with technology and ensure that you keep abreast with the LED world's lighting changes. 

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