LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Light Vs Fluorescent Grow Light

Choosing between LED grow light Vs Fluorescent grow light is creating confusion for the Indoor gardeners. Resolving this issue Government regulations have been insisting consumers to replace familiar incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient fluorescent lamps and light-emitting diode (LED) lights in the energy using sectors including horticulture and indoor gardening. But the matter is yet to be resolved paralleled with the issue of LED grow light Vs Fluorescent grow light, which is best for indoor gardening.

What are LED grow lights?

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are produced in advance technology and the master of energy severs. As we mentioned in our other Article that All led lights are not working as a grow lights. Initially LED grow light designs were usually ⅓ watt to 1 watt in power. It was before a longish tube. Now come in nearly every shape and size in various designs with 3-5 watts commonly used in LED grow lights. Growers are also using COB chips between 10 and 100 watts in compacted areas. 

LED grow lights are not like other traditional lights. It does not burn filament. Instead pass light through semiconductors to create spectrum. LED grow lights are used as a supplement to natural light. 

What are Fluorescent grow lights?

At times fluorescent lights are idyllic for growing plants with low to medium light requirements. It was like African violets. Starting indoor vegetables grow these lights are good. It comes typically in long tube bulbs in  T5, T8 and T12 in a range of sizes. System of T5 put out about double the amount of light per tube as standard fluorescent lights. 

Fluorescent grow lights are in fact known as Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL). It has been deemed as an effective growing light for indoor plants for years. It is commonly manufactured as a spiral tube connected to a screw-in ballast or base. New products are different that look like the traditional incandescent bulb. They also come in round and flame shapes.To start producing indoor vegetables fluorescent lights are good.

LED Grow Light Vs Fluorescent Grow Light: Which Lights is Best for Indoor Gardening?

Undoubtedly it is very easy to maintain indoor gardens if indoor growers have the right tools and materials at hand. Lighting is an important factor for indoor gardening. Growers are sometimes confused about which lights are best for gardening and we shall try to compare the lighting system in between LED grow lights versus Fluorescent lights. Then it might be helpful for choosing lights for indoor gardening.

Issue Lifespan : LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: In recent days LED grow light is a cutting edge solution plant growing, specially for biology greenhouses. So it is manufactured in high quality materials, for which LEDs do not produce too much heat and to protect flicker. But it focuses sufficient lights for   blossoming the plants. Poor quality products can cause overheating. Most LED lights for growing are guaranteed to last up to 50,000 hours, which is a ridiculously long lifespan for a light.    

Fluorescent Lights: According to review most fluorescent bulbs last about 20,000 to 30,000 hours. If the lights run 24 hours per day, it would be less hours of lifespan. Nevertheless, fluorescent bulbs tend to be dim, rather than just burn out, so even if a bulb lasts a full 30,000 hours, it’s less efficient as time goes by.

Winner : LED Grow Lights is Win on Lifespan.

Energy Efficiency : LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: As per various studies report and practical use LEDs are unparalleled for energy efficiency. Due to using modern technology, manufacturers have made such a way that LED grow lights consume less energy than traditional lighting. LED diodes don't need to burn anything for producing light. Consequently, you can greatly save money on energy in the process. The 28W-equivalent LED growing lights have an actual power consumption of 6W to 9W, significantly saving on your electricity bill in the process. These energy efficient grow lights come with suitable E27 bases that screw into any standard socket.

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Fluorescent Lights:   When Fluorescent first commercialized were indicated for their 25% to 35% energy savings over traditional bulbs. Incandescents pass electricity through a filament that gets so hot and produces light. About 95% of the energy is wasted heat with only 5% of it going toward light. Fluorescent cut energy use by about 70% compared to incandescent bulbs. Whereas LED bulbs use roughly half of the wattage like 6 watts of power versus 14 watts of power for a  fluorescent bulb. Fluorescent lights not only suck more energy to produce light but they make hotter, which more for cooling costs to your grow tent.   
Winner : LED Grow Lights is Win on energy savings.

Heat Output : LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: One of the most important and best features of LED grow lights is not burn with heat. They are so cool that you may not even need to run an air conditioner to keep a grow room cool. Therefore, energy costs and electricity bills will go down based on that feature. Also it is very safe lighting for your plants and not to worry about burning. 

Fluorescent Lights: Fluorescent lights are commonly used for its brightness. But there is risk for burnout due to some reasons in-made, that is inside of a fluorescent they fail. The instruct-able inside of Fluorescent are TL, DR: Typically, the ballast, electronics that cover the wall current into power the tube can use has components that have a duty cycle is up the component. So, the capacitor or diode can exactly burn out. Fluorescent light is emitting so much heat that may burn out your plants or brown in color if you place the light closer.   
Winner : LED Grow Lights is Win on Heat output.

Color Spectrum of Light : LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: Usually plants need a full spectrum of light to help with each stage of growth. In order to root growth, leaves and flowering plants minimum need lots of red and a bit of blue. Green spectrum of light is not so important as most of the plants are green and the color is reflected off the plant. Although a little bit can help with photosynthesis which LED lights give enough as required.

Fluorescent Lights: The reality is Fluorescent tubes available in cool, warm-red, or full-spectrum. The light from cool tubes has a blue cast, while warm tubes emit a pink or white light. Infact, full spectrum tubes closely approximate the color of natural daylight. As per review, warm red spectrum is recommended for flowering and cool blue spectrum is recommended for vegetative growth. But usable lifespan for compact fluorescent grow light is about 10,000 hours while LEDs last about 10 times longer than the traditional fluorescent lights. 
Winner : LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent on color spectrum Result- Equal. 

Price:LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: In prograsive technological methods and design LEDs are produced with high quality of materials resulting in best intensity, brightness, energy savings and long lifespan are proven. So LED grow lights are costly but good news, they are more affordable now compared to when they first hit the market. Still they are a bit expensive, unless you only have one or two plants to light.

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Fluorescent Lights: It is always known, getting started with a fluorescent grow light setup is easy and not expensive. But when light bulbs burn out or ultimately dim, then   you literally need to be changed and replace one bulb. 

Winner : Fluorescent Lights is Win on Price (if not burn out).

Final Verdict

In the above discussion, we tried to address LED grow light Vs Fluorescent Grow Light through this Article. In different para we carefully indicated and determined Pros and Cons of both the light bulbs. It seems that LED grow light is the winner considering the features. It's no doubt LED grow lights are far and away the better choice. If you are hobbyists and hydroponics growers and just getting started with indoor gardening, make a scene to start off with LED grow lights. 

Prior to that, just analysis about your decision will be based on the type of plants, needs of light, consumption of electricity, upfront budget and finally long-term costs of running your indoor gardening. You may have more choices than ever when having the options as energy efficient, durability, brightness, in shapes, sizes and colors for your required application.

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