Is Commercial LED Lighting Better than Fluorescent Lighting for Office?

The best lighting for offices must strike a balance between brightness and comfort. A commercial office with inadequate lighting can cause eyestrain and reduce employee morale. Conversely, excessively bright lighting casts harsh glares on computer screens and leads to headaches and other distractions. 

The best office lighting uses as much natural light as possible. Indirect ambient lighting and task lighting can ensure even illumination with no glare or shadows. 

Offices require different lighting levels based on the age of the building, the availability of natural light and the type of work being done. The best lighting in offices usually combines several types of light.

  • Natural light has the most positive influence on employee mood, behavior and satisfaction.
  • Ample natural light can increase the real estate value of an office property up to 20% compared to one without natural light.
  • Ambient lighting, or general lighting, is the main source of lighting in a room. Windows and ceiling lights provide ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting is cast by small lamps placed at individual desks or workstations to supplement ambient lighting. Task lighting can improve performance by increasing the light on fine details, such as reading documents, while reducing eyestrain and workplace fatigue.
  • Corrective lighting is placed behind monitors and eases glare.
  • Accent lighting, also called mood lighting, is primarily decorative and less important to productivity..

AntLux 50W Ultra Slim, 5500 Lumens, 4000K Neutral White, 4 Foot Flush Mount Office Ceiling Wrap Lights

AntLux Ultra Slim 4 Foot Flush Mount Office Ceiling Wrap Lights

ENERGY SAVING - Replace less-efficient fluorescent light fixture with a 5500 lumens output at 50 watt 4ft LED Wraparound light fixture. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
NEW DESIGN - Soft, no glare, Eye care design. Ultra Slim design make your space more elegant. 180°shining from both side, no inadequate lighting. Two led strips inside this 4ft led light fixture, no extra bulbs needed.
DURABLE - ANTLUX 4ft led office lights made from high quality materials, use constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. No disturbing flickering, stable performance.

AntLux 72W Commercial LED Wraparound Fixture 4FT Office Ceiling Lighting, 8500 Lumens, 4000K

AntLux Commercial LED 4FT Office Ceiling Lighting

SUPER BRIGHT & ENERGY SAVING - Replace less-efficient 200 watts old fluorescent light with a 8500 lumens output at 72 watt 4ft led office ceiling lighting. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
LINKABLE – There are 2 holes on each end. Knock out on ends and assemble the lights in line together (up to 10). Easy to install. The integrated 4ft led light fixtures include led strips inside each fixture. No extra bulbs needed!
DURABLE - These 4ft led wraparound lights are made from high efficiency led technology, and high quality drivers with stable performance. You won’t ever have to replace the led strips. Durable frosted covers provide soft, comfortable light and uniform illumination. No glare, No dazzle, No spot dot.

AntLux 50W 5500lm, 3000K 4000K 5000K 3 Color Temperature Dimmable, 4 Foot LED Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lights

AntLux 3 Color Temperature Dimmable, 4 Foot LED Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lights

Features of 4FT LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount

Selectable 3 color temperature feature allows you to choose your preferred light color: 3000K, 4000K or 5000K to fit your spaces and different needs.
Outstanding thermal solution and integrated PC board design with great heat dissipation, to ensure a long-lasting and stable performance
Elegant bronze metal end decor design to fit any decoration in your space.
Multiple wire holes design to meet different application and achieve link lights up in line together.
Frosted light diffuser provides a soft glow, uniform lighting and wide angle brightness control. No glare, no disturbing flickering. Protect your eyes from dazzle lighting.
Each 4ft led office light ceiling fixture comes with two led strips, no extra bulbs needed.
Easy and fast installation. Can be surface mounted to walls and ceilings for application variability. Very convenient and Hassle-free installation.


Color and temperature

The color and temperature of your office lighting also play a vital role in the health and productivity of your team.  

In general, warm yellow or warm orange lights are better for relaxing and unwinding, while cool blue or cool white lights are better for waking up, working, and concentrating.  

Both fluorescent and LED bulbs emit light in the blue and white spectrum, making them ideal for morning illumination. LEDs also allow you to adjust the color and temperature so you can change the light they emit to mimic the natural light outside. 


Similarly, brightness affects the mood and energy level of the employees working in your office.  

Bright light in the morning is best to stimulate alertness, activity, and creativity, while dim light in the afternoon is best for focused, stationary work.  


Cost is a major factor when considering the design of your office lighting because the lights will run anywhere from 14 to 18 hours (or more) every day.  

LED are typically the least expensive to operate, but you can reduce the cost of any type of light by installing motion sensors, timers, and dimmers to give you more control over the electricity used.  

Is LED Lighting Better than Fluorescent Lighting? 

led lighting better for office workers

LED lighting is definitely better for businesses as it is more energy-efficient, the bulbs last a great deal longer and the lights can be dimmed as required so they use much less energy. But is LED lighting better for people working in offices?

You have to remember that overhead lighting is not the only source of light that office workers are subjected to.Some offices do actually have windows, plus there are computer monitors, laptops, cellphones, televisions … office work can be a bombardment of light at times.
Anything that helps sap a person’s morale will result in them producing less-than-perfect work, and will leave them feeling tired and jaded. For the many reasons outlined above, choosing LED over fluorescent lighting will help make your office environment a more pleasing place to work.

It could be considered a no-brainer –making the switch from fluorescent to LED lighting is one of the best things you can do for your business, and one of the best things you can do for the people who work for you

Purchase LED Office Lighting Fixture

It can’t be denied that natural and artificial light affects peoples’ health. Purchase LED office lighting for your office location today. Find the perfect lighting style, wattage, and customization options you need with Superior Lighting today. Visit our website to view our entire selection of LED light fixtures. Reach out to our knowledgeable team with any questions or comments by filling out our online contact form.

AntLux’s led wraparound lights provide high performance, long lifespan and energy savings for general purpose use. Our flush mount led office light fixtures provide you more brighter, cheaper and healthier lighting than incandescent and fluorescent tubes. A step up from led office ceiling lights is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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