How to find the best led commercial lighting fixture?

Power saving indoor commercial lighting is the perfect solution for offices, commercial buildings, and corporate headquarters looking for sustainable, reliable and highly effective lighting. That’s why Antlux has designed the perfect commercial lighting fixtures for businesses all over the world.

Since we focus on developing power saving and long lasting LED lights, our indoor commercial lighting fixtures experience a global demand.  Here are some highly recommended indoor LED lights & fixtures for illuminating commercial spaces. Have a look!

What is Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is lighting used within business spaces such as offices, stores, universities, hospitals and government buildings, basically spaces that are not industrial, manufacturing or residential buildings. Commercial lighting fixtures are used indoors (commercial indoor LED lighting) and outdoors (commercial outdoor lighting) by businesses worldwide.

How Do LED Commercial Lighting Fixtures Provide Light?

When you install commercial LED lighting fixtures, they will provide light through two different methods: downlighting and uplighting. As the name suggests, downlighting involves a downward casting of light from LED commercial lighting fixtures that are on or recessed in a ceiling. Uplighting, on the other hand, sends light up to the ceiling to be bounced and reflected back to the ground. Other forms such as accent, front, side and back lighting are used less often in commercial settings.

Commercial led shop lights for garage

Mounted directly to the ceiling, led wraparound lights are great for spaces with lower ceilings. Due to the multidirectional light output, these fixtures allow more light to flood the room from the sides of the fixtures. This means that you may be able to create ample light coverage with fewer fixtures when you work with led wraparound lights.

AntLux 72W Commercial LED Wraparound Fixture 4FT, 8500 Lumens, 4000K

AntLux Commercial LED Wraparound Fixture 4FT

Features of LED Commercial LED Shop Light 4 feet

Durable steel construction with knock outs on ends and assemble the lights in line.

Easy and fast installation, Very convenient and Hassle-free installation.

No need to replace led strips or the bulbs.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Energy-efficient LED technology, lower energy usage and cost. Emits over 8500 Lumens.

Eye-case design. No Glare, no shadow, no spot dot.

AntLux 4FT LED Garage Light Fixture 50W Ultra Slim, 5500 Lumens, 4000K Neutral White

AntLux 4FT LED Wraparound Light Fixture Ultra Slim

NEW DESIGN - Soft, no glare, Eye care design. Ultra Slim design make your space more elegant. 180°shining from both side, no inadequate lighting. Two led strips inside this 4ft led light fixture, no extra bulbs needed.
DURABLE - ANTLUX 4ft led garage lights made from high quality materials, use constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. No disturbing flickering, stable performance.

AntLux 110W 8FT LED Ultra Slim Strip Lights, 12600 Lumens, 5000K

AntLux 8FT LED Ultra Slim Strip Lights

Features of 8 foot Commercial LED Ceiling Light Fixtures

Durable steel construction with knock outs on ends and assemble the lights in line.

Ultra thin patent design. Frosted light cover provides soft and comfortable light, no dazzle, uniform illumination.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Energy-efficient LED technology lowers energy usage and cost. Emits over 12600 Lumens for 8 foot led wrap lights.

AntLux 4FT LED Flush Mount Shop Lights, 40W 4500LM, 4000K Neutral White

AntLux 4FT LED Flush Mount Shop Lights

Feature of Flush Mount LED Shop Light Fixtures

Outstanding low energy usage technology. 4500 lumens provide super bright lighting, using less energy.
High effective driver and LEDs provide super long lifespan, over 50, 000 hours, last 10+ longer than Incandescent bulb.
Frosted diffuser provides a soft and uniform lighting. Protect your eyes from hazzel and dazzling light.
Elegant metal end decor design match of modern decorations in your room.
Follow user manual for hassle-free and quick installation.

How to Choose Commercial LED Lighting

Whether you’re adding shop lights to the garage or a 24-hour warehouse, quality led commercial light fixture is important for safety and efficiency. And, with so many choices, it’s easy to create a well-lit space if you know how to narrow the field with your project’s needs.

When it comes to choosing the best commercial led lighting, it’s important to consider a few questions before you buy.

What's the ceiling height in the space you want to light? Ceiling height is crucial when planning your lighting grid. For uniform light coverage, you want to create a grid that answers the light coverage coming from the fixtures in consideration. The goal is to eliminate shadows and dark zones for a uniform wash of light throughout the space.

Additionally, ceiling height also determines what type of light fixture you’re able to use in a space. Ceilings higher than 15 feet may require high bay lights, while 8-foot ceilings are better suited for flush mount fixtures.

What type of ceiling is it? 

Open ceilings with exposed trusses are often more forgiving than drop ceilings, which often work best with troffers.

What tasks are performed in the area? 

If people in the space are doing detailed work or color is important, you’ll want to choose a light fixture that supports the tasks performed in the area. Likewise, you may want to layer your lighting with additional work lights or lamps to illuminate specific spaces for clear vision.

What's the climate inside the space? 

Some lights have difficulty operating in temperatures below 50 degrees. If your workspace is refrigerated or uninsulated in a northern zone, factor operation temperatures into your buying decision.

What level of natural light is available in the space? 

If your work area is only used during daylight hours and provides ample amounts of light, you’ll want to adjust the light output of your commercial lighting, as well as add task or desk lighting to account for light changes throughout the day.

What are the most sustainable options? 

Light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting has the advantage of long life and reduced energy consumption. Plus the commercial LED lights don't contain any toxic elements.

AntLux's commercial led lights provide stable performance, energy savings and long lifespan for general purpose use. Our led commercial light fixtures provide you brighter, valuable and healthier lighting than old fluorescent lights. A step up from commercial led shop light is not only in light output but in look and design. It is the perfect energy-saving and high efficiency replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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