How to Choose the Best LED Garage Lights?

Whether you use your garage as a place to park the car or a workshop, or even as an extended living area, finding the right lighting solution can make a huge difference to your quality of life.

What are the features of the best LED garage lights?

Super Bright: 

LED garage lights are with high luminous efficiency up to 100lm/w. If the garage light is 72W, the total lumen could be 8000 lumens, providing super bright daylight illumination that you can see every corner of your garage, as well as offering you the best indoor lighting experience.

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Energy Saving: 

Although LED lights are super bright, it uses only a little power in comparison with incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED light features highly energy-efficient that's why it can save you lots of electricity costs. The more LED lights you use, the more electricity bill you can save. And, since LEDs emit bright illumination, it turns out that you cna use fewer light fixtures, overall it reduces the electricity cost further.

Ease of installation:

 Best LED garage lights are as simple as removing the old bulb and screwng them in, or it's simply plug-in. Attach fixture to ceiling, connect wire correctly, come with the user manual and mounting hardware, it uses no tools to install and no need to do extra wiring, installation is easy and quick.

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Compact size: 

Normally the garage or basement in our home is with a low ceiling, to make full use of the space, LED garage lights should be in compact design or small size. So when it's mounted or hanging on the ceiling, you will not have the sense of push and squeeze. And it also looks appropriate within the small space.

Durable and long-lasting: 

Quality LED garage lights made with aluminum material are better than made with plastic material. Not only does the aluminum is more durable and shatter and shock-resistant, but it also helps to disperse the heat more efficiently. It is with better heat dissipation than PC. Therefore, the light can always work in a cooler condition, as a result of having a long life span.

How to choose the best LED garage lights?

Check the ceiling height

You shuld know the ceiling height before you make up your mind to purchase the light. Since most garage spaces are with lower ceilingS, between seven to nine feet high, LED wraparounf lights are more suitable to install under this condition.

Because they are surface mounted on the ceiling, it will not be an obstruction as they won't hang as an ordinary shop light would, keeping them out of the way of ladders, boards, and other objects you might be moving around the space.

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If you have a preference for the LED shop lights, make sure they are hanging in the high ceiling on chains, to avoid hitting your head.

Choose the high CRI one

If you're doing the garage works (wood paints and stains, auto paint, etc.) that require you to see the real colors, always check the color rendering index(CRI) rating of the light before purchase. The CRI rating indicates how clearly or accurately objects appear in the LED light.

Generally, the CRI could be 70, 80, or highr up to 97. Just like with lumens, the higher the CRI, the more true color you can see. LED garage lights with a rating of 85 or above are best for rendering true color.

Installation methods

Whatever LED lighting you choose should be easy to install. This is for your convenience. Deformable garage lights are with globe bulb base design that can just screw in, it's the most simple and quick installation, as well as the LED corn light, which is also popular to use in the garage. For some retrofit lighting, LED lights with hanging installation or surface mounted can be considered too, as they suit well in the current construction and wiring.

Other Things to Think of

Lamp color: 

Most of the garage lights are either in black color finished or white color finished, some are with other colors available. If you want the color to match your decor or ceiling style, go with the appropriate one, so it does not look awkward.

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Waterproof function: 

If you need to install the light outside of the garage or in a carport, standard garage lights are not suitable, since they are mainly for indoor application. To install outdoor, the light should be waterproof and dustproof (IP65), this is to ensure the light can work properly and with a long lifespan.


It couldn’t be better to have a bright and well-lit garage, so you’re no longer need to pull the car outside to do any cleaning or detailing. We hope you can learn something from our complete guide for the LED garage lights.

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