How to Choose LED Office Lighting for Your Business?

Since a good lighting design plays an essential role, whether an office is equipped with a good lighting plan has attracted more and more people’s attention.

We are in the era of the Internet explosion. As a result, almost all of the workers need to face with computers. The first thing the best light for office work needs to have is eye-friendly which is no glare and flicker free. Or, it is not an easy task for you to focus on your work and headache is easy to attack you.
For another, the natural light is the best. A warm light may cause excess relaxing and slothful mind. The final element involves circuit safety. Disorder cord increases the chance of tumbling and short circuit.

Finding the best office lighting has, with good reason, become a top priority for design teams and office managers. 

These days, you can find virtually any style of  LED lights for business applications, so read on to discover how to select the best solutions for your unique needs.

Before you buy:

Consider where you intend to use the lights, at an office or a home office? As for the former, ceiling light is important. When speaking the latter, I suggest you buy an additional lamp.

1. Task Light

Task light is one that dedicated to realizing the best work environment for different working activities with ease. It allows to concentrate the stunning light on your work tables and does no harm to your eyes.

If you plan to buy a table lamp, looking for one with flexibly adjustable neck and arm, better with a dimmer.

2. LED Lights

Give more chance to LED lights. As LED technology matures, a led lamp functions multiple uses. And, it is universally accepted that LED light does a great job regardless of its forms, whether ambient luminaires or task lights, whether torchiere lamps or track lights.

All of them generate little heat and produce high efficiency. It deserves a “security guard” in your offices.

3. Light Position

Light position is also a very important factor on the lamp pre- and while- using. Before a purchase, think about what place you are ready to brighten up so as to judge what types of light you needed. When firing your lamp, consider avoiding directing lights at eyes.

How to choose the proper one you desired? Here gives you seasoned experience gained through long practice. If you want a closer light, the best table lamps for office is nothing but your first choice.

If you want a versatile lamp and brighter light, floor lamps are for you. If your background light is inclined to a bit dim, change it with best ceiling lights for office.

Then, how to regulate your lighting position in a right way? There is a common principle. Refuse the point-blank lights and lighting reflex.

4. Indirect Light

Indirect light is what we called layer lighting. Design your offices with multiple light sources allows you healthier and happier in the process of your work. However, people dedicated to different tasks have a different requirement for light intensity and its function.

For people who are work as a tailor, they super need a lamp that can light up the working details and they can use a bright lamp with magnification function.
And, the same applies to the architects and electricians. As for those who engage in computer work, a portable clip-on lamp is for you. Featured with a lightweight build, it is facile to clamp your monitor tightly and provide no backlight.

Special notes: When you choose layer lighting fixtures, take lamps which produce even light and similar color lights.

While you use: The benefits from office lighting ideas lie in the eye-protection for the staff and the energy-saving for the company. When you are in use of your lights, pay attention to the following points

5. Eye Fatigue Reduction

When it comes to those who are fronted with computers, they are really annoyed at glare light and backlit spot. Most of them suffer from the short-sightedness or migraines. Oculists have said that the situation takes place when they are exposed to either poor light or strong light. In other words, a good office lighting allows to refrain you from bad health conditions and potential risks on eyes.

6. Light Control

This is a solution for a waste of energy. Adding a lighting control system is an urgent thing in response to minimizing energy use. Look at which area needs no light and just control the new design to turn off the lights at that scope. Its advantages are more than this. The system also allows you to choose the light intensity and light color for a certain space.

For instance, the hallways are regulated less light while the working space more light. A lighting control system can easily help you hit the spot. Come and design your smart system so as to achieve a more convenient working life.

Choosing the best office lighting

1. What Color Temperature Is Best for an Office?

It is well admitted that the best light for offices is natural light. So, how to understand the natural daylight and how to measure it? The easiest perception is that look at the outside daylight and compare it with the indoor artificial light.

You may find most of the company light is dimmer than the regular natural one. It is tested that it is impossible to get the same light the nature gives us. However, we can attempt to create an artificial light environment.

According to professional experts, the best color temperature for an office lies in the range of 3500K to 5500K. The light below 3500K is too yellowish to activate people’s mind as well as hormone while the light above 5500K is so bluish that it imposes bad impacts on human eyes in the long term.

2. Is LED Lighting Good for Office?

It must be a positive answer. First of all, LED bulbs outlasts fluorescent, halogen, incandescent lights and even CFLs. There is no need to change the bulbs since a qualified led bulb is able to support providing light up to 20-25 years.

And, LED technology reduces the chance of bulb damage. Second, it consumes much less energy so that it helps you preserve a large part of the electric charge.
Most importantly, the LED lights are friendly to your eyes due to its no flicker and no shadow. Hence, you can be assured to concentrate on your work.

Besides, extra function like light control, dimming switch, compatible with smart devices are also highly praised by modern people.

3. Does Light Make You More Productive?

This is one of the chief concerns by the leaders. After all, companies do not need people who are negative or inefficient. Of course, a sleepy environment is also what they want to abandon. It is proven that bright light helps to solve the problem to a large extent.

In accordance with reliable studies, bright white light has the ability of not only decreasing the gloomy mood as well as other unfavorably adverse working conditions but also stimulating human’s brain cells and keep them active for hours.

4. Is LED Lighting Better than Fluorescent Lighting?

I firmly approve that the led lighting is more suitable for a working space. The reason is that the led bulbs are characteristic of dimmable lights.

As we know, it is impossible that just a single light color surrounds an office. People tend to choose different light colors at different time. A led lighting is able to satisfy your various needs about light. For example, at working time, you can get a bright white light so as to realize productive.

At the time-out, your colleagues require the closure of the main light source while you still need light. What should you do? A dimmable led light is able to help me out. You can choose a low level of light intensity which disturbs no person.

Plus, apart from the overhead light, employees prefer to increase additional light to their working zone, especially people who sits away from windows. A desk lamp with touch panels provides you with convenience not only on switching power supply but also on space saving.

AntLux 4FT LED Wraparound Light Fixture 50W Ultra Slim LED Shop Lights for Garage

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Buy from website: Antlux Ultra Slim LED Shop Lights

Replace less-efficient fluorescent light fixture with a 5500 lumens output at 50 watts 4ft LED Wraparound light fixture. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

Soft, no glare, Eyecare design. Ultra Slim design makes your space more elegant. 180°shining from both sides, no inadequate lighting. Two led strips inside Antlux 4ft led light fixture, no extra bulbs needed.

ETL Certified. ANTLUX 4ft led ceiling lights made from high quality materials, use the constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. No disturbing flickering, stable performance.

Antlux 4ft led office light fixtures are perfect for offices, garages, basements, workshops, workbenches, Shop, utility rooms, storage rooms, barn, equipment rooms, auto shops, and replacing fluorescent versions.

AntLux 72W LED Wraparound Light 4FT LED Office Ceiling Lights

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Buy from website: Antlux 4FT LED Office Ceiling Lights

Replace less-efficient fluorescent light fixture with an 8000 lumens output at 72 watts 4ft LED wraparound light. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

Knockouts on ends and assemble the lights in line together (up to 20). Easy set up with these 4ft led office ceiling light. Just attach it your wall or ceiling, connect the wiring as instructed with included mounting hardware. NO BALLAST TO EVER REPLACE!

ETL Certified. Made from high quality materials, use the constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. No disturbing flickering, no inadequate lighting, stable performance.

Antlux flush mount led ceiling light fixtures are perfect for office, meeting room, garages, basements, workshops, workbenches, utility rooms, storage rooms, barn, equipment rooms, auto shops, and replacing fluorescent versions.

AntLux 4ft LED Office Ceiling Light Fixture Dimmable

Buy from Amazon: Antlux 4ft LED Office Ceiling Light Fixture Dimmable
Buy from Website: Antlux 4ft LED Office Ceiling Light Fixture Dimmable

This 4ft LED wraparound light outputs 5500 lumens of brightness using only 50w low power consumption, save 70% on your electricity bill! 160 W fluorescent equivalent, perfect for replacing outdated fluorescent fixtures to reduce your operating costs and save you money.

New decorative end caps design, provides a sleek and décor style. Antlux 4ft LED linear flush mount light features a durable impact-resistant milky diffuser that provides soft and comfortable light, uniform illumination with no dazzle, no spot dot that protects your eyes.

1 LED light fixture, 3 brightness settings: 100%, 50%, 25%. No extra dimmer switch is required. The 48-inch led office light can work with your existing switch, just toggle on and off three times to get from bright to medium light, to the dimmest level.

Comes with an installation manual and hardware. It is lightweight, easy to install, surface-mount to the ceiling. The 4-foot Integrated led linear light fixture includes 2 LED light strips. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation with no bulbs to replace.

These LED office ceiling lights can last 23 years (6 hrs per day). If you need any support, please email us, our professional after-sales team will solve your problem timely and provide you 100% satisfaction solution.

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