Everything You Need to Know about LED Wrap Lights

Are you looking to replace or add lighting to hallways, basements, or laundry rooms? Install LED wrap around lights. These lights are recognizable by their one-piece lens that wraps the fixture, diffusing the light output. Surface mounted LED light fixtures shine light from the sides and down for all around illumination, unlike troffers or panels which are recessed into the ceiling and can only emit light straight down. If you want a more decorative look to match your decor, look for fixtures with scroll work or a rounded "cloud" design.

NEW DESIGN - Soft, no glare, Eye care design. Ultra Slim design make your space more elegant. 180°shining from both side, no inadequate lighting. Two led strips inside this 4ft led light fixture, no extra bulbs needed.

Installed four of these low profile 4 ft. lights in our 20’ x 20’ (400 sq. ft.) two-car garage. Installation wasn’t too bad since I had easy access to the attic space above the garage and was able to direct wire them into an existing switched circuit after running the Romex and installing old-work boxes. The only thing I would change was how many lumens I installed. Each light is 5600 lumens, so four of these in a 400 sq. ft. space borders on too much light, and that’s even coming from someone who likes a lot of light. Thing is, though, I started with two, and two wasn’t enough to spread light evenly throughout the garage, so I went with four and the distribution is much better.

AntLux 72W LED Wrap Light 4FT LED Office Lights Ceiling

DURABLE - ETL Certified. Made from high quality materials, use constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. No disturbing flickering, no inadequate lighting, stable performance.

This 8,000 lumen light replaced my fluorescent 4 tube 4' fixture that was 11,000 lumens. It is still plenty bright and uses 72 watts which is 48 watts less than the old one. The installation was a breeze as I've done this before and all the necessary parts were included. It helps to have two people when installing to hold it while screwing it in. 5 year warranty hopefully it will last longer thant that. You may want to consider the 60 watt model as this 72 watt is brighter than I need for small kitchen. I recommend this light if it proves reliable. Time will tell.

SUPER BRIGHT & ENERGY SAVING - Replace less-efficient 200 watts old fluorescent light with an 8500 lumens output at 72 watt 4ft led office ceiling lighting. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

We replaced my dad's kitchen light with this light bar and it brightened everything up so he has an easier time seeing things. It lights up his whole kitchen nicely, not too warm or cool.

WIDE APPLICATION - Our 4ft led wraparound light fixtures are perfect for office, garages, basements, workshops, workbenches, utility rooms, storage rooms, barn, equipment rooms, auto shops and replacing fluorescent versions.

Going strong for a couple weeks. I replaced a standard florescent, droning, on its last leg, 4- tube fixture with this LED. This light is bit warmer but much more of it. It was very easy to install, just use existing wires and the wire colors even matched. Now, there is no drone or humming, no flickering, and it comes on every time; very pleased.

LONG LIFESPAN AND RELIABLE - This 4ft led garage lights can last 23 years (6 hrs per day). If you need any support, please email us, our profession after-sales team will solve your problem timely and provide you 100% satisfaction solution.

Installation of this light was easy and it puts out a bright, but not overpowering light. It's great for garages and would probably be good for something like a laundry room. I used it for some extra light in a part of my garage that previously got ok but not great light. I like to do various projects in my garage so I like having good light everywhere and this light was an easy way to add some extra light.

Feature of LED wrap lights

They are easy to install and keep clean. With commercial led wrap lights, you install them by way of surface mount methods which means you avoid a huge hole in the ceiling. This means installing it is easy on you and the ceiling without a lot of extra work. They are also easy to keep clean since the fixture is enclosed and mounted flush against the ceiling to avoid dust collecting on top.

LED lamps make them an appealing option. With this solution, you can install LED lamps which offer a brighter, cleaner output with no disturbances or flickers. Best of all, LED offers the best efficiency with a higher lumen output for a lower wattage consumed to save on utility costs. LED is also incredibly long lasting while offering a heat-free operation.

They offer more light with a wide scope of illumination. Since the lens wraps around leaving more of the lamps exposed, you get more illumination on the sides of the fixture. Most fixtures only offer either up light, down light, or a mixture of both, but this option offers a bit of side light in addition to the downlight which makes it ideal for creating bright illumination.

With several sizes available, finding the right one is easy. This is a fixture available in sizes ranging from 2 foot to 8 foot to ensure you get the right one for the needs and size of your space. When lighting a smaller space, choose a 2-foot length. For a larger space, consider the 4-foot or 8-foot options for ample illumination.

Provide bright, safe workplace lighting by setting up LED shop lights. These fixtures shed light from multiple angles to illuminate a larger area compared to strip lights. They work tremendously in workstations, offices, warehouses, hallways and other areas requiring high-power, daylight lighting. The LEDs in these lights mean lower energy costs and a longer lifespan when switching from conventional lights. 

AntLux's led wrap light fixtures provide high performance and energy saving for you. Our 4 ft led shop light for garage, 180° shining from 2 sides, providing enough bright, soft and comfortable lighting for your room. Upgrade version LED wraparound light not only on novel look but also longspan, more than 50,000 hours, which is the best replacement for fluorescent tube.

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