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  • 2020-03-24
    Great lights but I did a grow comparison with the $16 shop lights at Walmart and my plants all grew at the same rate as with the grow lights.
  • 2020-03-22
    For the price this seems to be a great product. My fiance and I have been using it to help grow some succulents for our wedding next year. Compared to before we can visibly see a difference in the growth rate of a few of them. Can't really go wrong for the price.
  • 2020-03-14
    Richard Payne
    These are labeled as shop lights on the box but they are actually grow lights. They have multi colored LED lights instead of all white LED's a shop light would have. These work great for starting your seeds indoors. They only put out a little heat but you need some heat to start seeds anyway. They mount just like any normal 4' florescent fixture except that you don't need to take it apart to get to the mounting holes since there is no ballast or ballast cover. They come prewired with a decent length power cord and a pull chain switch built in.
  • 2020-03-13
    Joseph M.
    Easy to install and my plants are liking it. I have it on a timer so I will know how long the bulbs will last.
  • 2020-03-11
    Chris L. Welch
    After years of fumbling with fluorescent bulbs, this LED system is a dream. Great light output. Seems to produce a good spectrum of colors. Very lightweight. Will likely buy another one next year.
  • 2020-03-08
    Its perfect for both succulents and my herbs. The light is very strong so despite it being high up on the ceiling, it is more than enough! It made one of my cactus plants grow new buds in the middle of winter. Furthermore, it made propagating new plants a lot easier. Its very easy to use and it didn’t take me very long to install, I just had to measure out the holes but I just followed the manual and it worked out. I’ve had it for a couple months now and haven’t had any complaints! I listened to the other reviews and made sure I had a basic extension chord to plug it into an outlet. If you see any succulents in my picture that look stretched out from not having enough light, they were like that prior to getting this light, im glad I could save them in the middle of pacific northwest winter.
  • 2020-03-05
    fast delivery/ packaged well /doing the job
  • 2020-03-01
    Dale Crowell
    Arrived when promised in perfect condition and is exactly what I needed.
  • 2020-02-23
    Jon S. Jenkins
    Works great .
  • 2020-02-09
    Avid Reader
    One of the chains were shorter the the other. Had to get more chain .
  • 2020-01-29
    Dennis G Scott
    Purchased this light for my wife’s plants that are stored in a heated shaded she said that it has really made a difference in her plants this year.
  • 2020-01-28
    Gloria Nelson
    My plants get a little under the weather during the winter so I put this up and they’re growing great
  • 2020-01-26
    I bought these grow lights to compare with HID lighting. They worked great especially for seedlings and young clones, running cooler and much cheaper to operate. 200 hours later, 2 had stopped working. The good people at Antlux immediately shipped replacements and they are working fine
  • 2020-01-26
    John Yohn
    I liked the brightness for my plants.
  • 2020-01-21
    Denny Barrick
    It was exactly what I was looking for. It came the next day or so which really surprised me. Very happy with my purchase!!
  • 2020-01-18
    Jesse Gilreath
    Love, love, love these. The light these produces is a lot more like daylight than my other red/blue lights. And although these are 50watt and my others are only 30, these dont hurt my eyes as much, not any in fact!I love the daisy-chain plug is not some special sized adapter, but standard plug outlet on the light's end so I can plug my other brands into them instead of using a drop cord. So although these have eclipsed my others, they can still be used.Simple and straight forward mounting and extra chains. The cover bends pretty easy, but overall, pleased for the money.Wish I would have gotten them sooner!
  • 2020-01-15
    Going into my second growing season & they still work great!
  • 2020-01-15
    Going into my second growing season & they still work great!
  • 2020-01-13
    Bruce & Carol R
    Using them in the greenhouse for our tomato plants. Works nicely. Bright and plants seem to like the light too.
  • 2020-01-10
    Exhausted Nurse/Mom/Wife
    My husband bought these for his hydroponic garden. They are AMAZING! We have a 7x3 table set up, only need two lights. So we’re expanding! Not a huge bump in the electric bill either!
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