Best Lighting Ideas for Your Garage or Shop

A dark garage is a garage you never want to go into; a bright garage is everything.

Your garage or workshop shouldn’t look like something out of an old movie. It needs good lighting so you can see those socket sizes or locate a screw that rolled under your tool chest.

Having the best lighting possible in your garage makes everything easier, more accessible, and safer.

If the lights you’re using in your garage aren’t good enough, then improve them. Check out our research and buyers guide below to the best lighting systems to get the best lighting for your garage.

Best LED Light Fixtures for Garage and Warehouse

Antlux 8ft led shop lights – Best Garage Lighting Fixture

Buy from Amazon: Antlux 8ft led shop lights
Buy from Website: Antlux 8ft led shop lights

This is the newer Antlux garage light fixture. Antlux is a brand which makes some of the best garage and shop lighting you’ll find.

The Antlux LED Shop Light uses LED technology for ultra-high-performance and long-lasting lighting, using with top-notch diodes that pack 133 lumens per watt. For this reason alone, it is super bright and energy saving.

What we really like about these shop lights is that even though they’re a “utility” light, they’re attractive and well-built. They would perfectly suit a well-designed garage with high-quality tools and equipment.

The company stands behind their high quality by including a 5-year warranty to guarantee a long-lasting product. But in reality, it’s likely to last you many years more.

The body of this lighting system is made of aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable.

The color of the light is 5000K, which is a bright daylight-like “crystal white” that’s not yellow like an incandescent bulb, nor clinical like a fluorescent bulb.

You can mount the Antlux 8 foot led shop light either by hanging it using chains or by flush-mounting directly onto the ceiling of your garage. The package comes equipped with hanging chains — an advantage over other competing garage lighting products.

Unfortunately, the LED bulbs are not replaceable — but they’re very long-lasting. And while it comes with plug-ends for plug-and-play installation, they’re not “chainable” unless you do your own wiring. Overall, despite these, with thousands of other happy customers, we highly recommend this garage lighting system.

AntLux Linkable 4 Foot LED Wraparound Shop Light

Buy from Amazon: AntLux Linkable 4 Foot LED Wraparound Shop Light
Buy from Website: AntLux Linkable 4 Foot LED Wraparound Shop Light

Best-led-light-garage this 4-piece set of shop lights can make a huge difference in both visibility and your electric bill. The 4400-lumen output in each 4-foot light is equivalent to a 76w fluorescent bulb and has a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin (commonly known as “daylight white light”).

Each of the four lamps has a built-in outlet, allowing you to chain the lights together and run all off of a single pull string – or mount them separately for those times when you want to illuminate just one part of your garage or shop at a time. As with any lighting option here, plugging the light into an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch is usually the best option.

This is one of the most popular lights out there for industrial, commercial, and home use. Its ability to be mounted directly to your garage ceiling or suspended give more options to match ceiling height concerns.

Last (but certainly not least), the housings are made of lightweight but durable composite aluminum for a long-lasting lighting solution and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

You’re not going to find many sites (or owners) who don’t highly recommend this set. They’re incredibly bright and the five-foot power cords mean you can chain them together over long distances. Also, unlike fluorescents, these lights come on immediately (even in winter) and are less prone to flickering.

Despite being one of the most popular shop lights on the market, there seems to have been a few issues with bulbs burning out after only a few months. These complaints are pretty rare, and there’s some suggestion that it could be a wiring defect but the manufacturer is usually quick to resolve.

Another possible issue is that these lights make any space so inviting that your family may attempt to turn your workshop into another living space. You have been warned!

AntLux 80W 4ft LED Shop Light Fixture for Garage– Best LED Lighting for Garage

The Antlux LED HighBay commercial-grade lights were designed with durability in mind. Its specs are in line with commercial-grade quality standards you would want just for your garage.

Antlux High Bay lights use LED technology, which means the bulbs are energy-efficient and will reduce the cost of your bills.

Its construction features steel housing and reflectors ideal for full illumination. You can directly mount these lights to the ceiling or use a chain to hang them.

What we really like about the Antlux led garage light fixture is that it’s super bright, uses LED lights and that the bulbs are replaceable. It comes with four lamps that deliver enough light for a garage of any size. This is impressive, considering the low wattage — just 80 Watts. Unfortunately, if you find this light too bright, especially if you have a smaller seven-foot garage or eight-foot garage, you won’t be able to adjust or dim it.

Should one bulb fail, you can easily replace it without buying the whole fixture — this is something everyone likes. Even though LED bulbs last a long time, sometimes an unintentional accident can damage one, and it’s good to know they’re replaceable.

Perhaps the only drawback to this particular product is that the tubes are powered on one end and have no markings to easily point out how to install them. Otherwise, it is a good lighting fixture and highly recommended.

AntLux UFO High Bay LED Shop or Warehouse Lighting

Buy from Amazon: AntLux UFO High Bay LED Shop lights
Buy from Website: AntLux UFO High Bay LED Shop lights

Best-commercial-warehouse-led-light another light with a somewhat alien appeal, this heavy duty warehouse light is packed with features you wouldn’t immediately expect. A preinstalled ring and 2.6 foot heavy-duty rope make mounting both easy and safe.

The Antlux LED driver provides stable lighting at up to 75 percent less cost than halogen lamps, while a 180 degree swivel arc allows the light to be focused on a specific area. This super-bright light produces 19,500 lumens and includes a cord for use with dimming switches.

Unlike many other lights on this list, Antlux has built its lights to take heavy abuse. They put out far less heat than a regular bulb, and the amount is further managed by heat dissipation fins.

Due to the amount of light and ability to swivel, these also make great spotlights. In addition, the light is IP65 rated which means it’s protected from rain or low water pressure so it can be mounted outside.

This is not intended for your typical residential garage but if you have a commercial shop, riding arena, warehouse, or high bay garage, you can’t beat the quality and light output of this heavy duty LED light.

AntLux 72W 4FT LED Wraparound Light Ultra Slim, 8000 Lumens, LED Garage Lights Flush Mount

Buy from Amazon: AntLux LED Garage Lights Flush Mount
Buy from Website: AntLux LED Garage Lights Flush Mount

These Ultra Slim LED shop lights make one of the best budget garage lighting options out there. Simply pull the chain and your workspace will be filled with a bright 8000 lumens of light with a “daytime white” color temperature of 4,000k.

The plug-and-play design allows you to hang or directly mount the fixture, which has an outlet to allow for light chaining. With a 5-year warranty and ETL Certified, these lights will provide years of quality service.

Despite their low price, these lights are built to last and are used everywhere from home workshops to industrial warehouses. Installation is incredibly easy, and the amount of light is perfect for most medium-sized home workshops or garages.

One of the big pitfalls of having lighting shipped is the risk of damage. Several users have received these lights with damage to the frame and sometimes the light itself. In a few cases, they have also lacked the mounting hardware due to packaging errors. But just feel free and contact Antlux led lighting service, we will refund your money or send the new products to you soon.

Buyer’s Guide

The market is flooded with all sorts of lights for commercial and residential use. Some of them are ideal for use in the garage, others are not. How do you know that you have the best product? Your garage space determines the type, size, and brightness of the lighting product you will purchase.

AntLux’s LED light provide high performance, long lifespan, and energy savings for general purpose use. Our led light fixtures provide you brighter, cheaper, and healthier lighting than incandescent and fluorescent tubes. A step up from led ceiling lights is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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