Best LED Wraparound Lights for Garage Workshop 2022

In our home, the garage is another activity space that we spent lots of time in. A well-constructed garage is not just a place to store or loved cars, but it can also serve multifunction duty as workshops for a variety of projects, including painting, repairing, and assembly. Hence, it is vital that garages and workshops are sufficiently illuminated since the garage lighting makes car repairs and other tasks much more efficient as well as safer.

The good LED garage lights should be bright enough while also with the feature of energy-efficient and longevity. Besides these, it should be also installation-friendly or wiring easily, in case you have an existing old garage light system that needs to be retrofitted.

There are many types of LED garage lights you can found in the market, such as LED T5 integrated lamps, T8 tube light fixtures, LED shop lights, LED wraparound lights, LED bulb garage light fixtures, and so on. Each light has its own feature and functionality.

So which garage lights are best suited for your home garage or workshop? Read on and see our review and analysis for various garage lighting ideas, as well as our complete guide to help you select the best LED garage lights for your garage workshop.

Antlux 2ft LED wraparounf flush mount LED garage lights

2ft led wraparound light for garage

Energy saving - Replace less-efficient ceiling lights with a 2400 lumens output at 20 watts led wraparound flush mount light. Energy saving of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free opearation.

Just attach it to your wall or ceiling, connect the writing as instructed with included mounting hardware. No ballast to ever replace!

Durable - ETL certified. Made from high-quality materials, use the constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. No disturbing flickering, no inadequate lighting, stable performance.

Antlux 72w commercial LED wraparound fixture 4 foot low bay flush mount garage shop lights.

4ft led wraparound light for garage

Super bright & energy saving - Replace less-efficient 200 watts old fluorescent light with a 8500 lumens output at 72 watt 4ft led garage lights. Energy saving of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

Linkable - There are 2 holes on each end. Knock out on ends and assemble the lights in line together(up to 10). Easy to install. The integrated 4ft led garage light include led strips inside each fixture. No extra bulbs needed.

Durable - ETL certified. These 4ft led wraparound lights are made from high efficiency led technology, and hugh quality drivers with stable performance. You won't ever have to replace the led strips. Durable frosted covers provide soft, comfortable light and uniform illumination. No glare, no dazzle, no spot dot.

Antlux 110w 8ft LED wraparound ultra slim 8 foot LED garage shop lights

8ft led wraparound light for garage

Super Bright - The 8ft led garage lights provide 12600 lumens output at 110 watts with high efficiency. Energy savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenace-free operation.

Durable fixture - These 8ft led wraparound lights are ETL certified. Rugged aluminum is used with excellent heat dissipation. Protect LED chips and drivers to ensure a long lifespan and stable performance.

New design - Soft, no glare, eyecare design. Ultra slim design makes your space more elegant. 180 shining from both sides, no inadequate lighting. There are two 8ft led strips inside each fixture. No extra lighting source is needed. Linkable design can make it easy to install individually or continuously.

How to choose the best led garage lights in 2022?

It is important that garage lighting be bright, efficient, and long-lasting. This guide will help you hone in on garage lighting that's right for you.


Brightness is the main perpose that you want when buying a garage light, you want to light up your whole garage with a light fixture as little as possible and brighter as much as possible. So what specs determine the brightness of LED garage lights?


Therefore, when selecting a lamp, you should always look for the number of lumens rather than the wattage. Because the light fixture with bigger wattage may not give off the brighter light as you though it would, yet it's more energy-consuming.

Bottom line: The more lumens, the brighter the lighting will be.

Luminous efficiency

Now you know that lumens is the key factor that describes the brightness of led light, however, even the same led lights with the same wattages, their brightness could be also way different.


LED itselft has different quality and brightness levels. Generally, LED includes normal brightness LEDs, high brightness LEDs, and ultra-high brightness LEDs. These LEDs could be in the same wattage, but their brightness is quite different, of course, the cost is also different.

Bottom line: The same wattages, the higher luminous efficiency the better.

Easy installation

As mentioned above, there are several kinds of LED garage lights, each one has its own characteristic and installation methods. Some areas easy as installing a light bulb, but some need you to do a little more wiring. Either way, they are good at a certain environment, such as a retrofit workshop or a newly built warehouse.

Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is critically important to the light's life. When led lights are working, they will generate lots of heat, and it's considerable that the heat can be dispersed to ensure the light works properly. Otherwise, the LED's lifespan will be heavily affected and it will die over time, or brightness is dropped dramatically after a long time used.

Among all the material, the metal kinds are with the best heat dissipation, such as copper, silver, aluminum, etc. Usually, lamps made with aluminum material are with better heat dissipation than lamps mad with plastic.

Color temperature

Most of LED garage lights are with white light color temperature since the garage light fixture are installed in the workshop, garage, basements or storerooms, etc, where visual clarity is paramount. Also, white light makes people more spirit.

However, if you have a preference for a certain color temperature or mood, you may choose the other available color temperature, such as warm white 3000k or netural white 5000k. The good news is our garage light fixtures are dimmable and no dimmer required, so you can buy one fixture but with several colors to use.

3 Color Temperature Dimmable LED Wrap Light

It couldn't be better to have a bright and well-lit garage, so you're no longer need to pull the car outside to do any cleaning or detailing. We hope you can learn something from our complete guide for hte led wraparound light for garage.

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