Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plant

Grow lights give you the power to garden almost anywhere and in every season. While grow lights are often popular when it’s time to start seeds for your spring garden, you can also use them year-round for herbs, indoor houseplants, and veggies. 

As you look for the right grow lights for your needs and space, keep in mind to always look for the greenest lighting options possible. Even slight efficiencies like placing your lights near sunny windows or finding lights with timers can really add up over the years. You can feel good knowing you’re practicing green habits like gardening while reducing your carbon footprint overall. 

Think of your grow lights as a long-term investment. You’ll be able to use them every single season to grow great-tasting herbs or any other plant. They're particularly beneficial in for growing seedlings before it's warm enough to plant outdoors. Starting your own plants from seeds can also help you save money compared to buying nursery starts. Perhaps best of all is the life and brightness they bring to those darker months of the year. Here are some of the best grow lights you’ll want to look at as you get your own indoor setup started.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying an LED grow light, read our buyer’s guide below to learn about important factors that’ll help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Grow lights typically give you measurements for how much vegetative and flowering coverage they offer. Be sure to choose a light that matches the amount of light and type of coverage you need for your growing area such as an indoor garden or a plant wall.


A grow light’s wattage determines how much light it produces. Different plants require different amounts of light, so don’t just choose the light with the highest wattage to ensure optimal plant growth. Instead, match the wattage to the plants you’re growing. For example, if you’re growing tomatoes, choose a grower that offers about 32 watts of light per square foot.


Several features of your LED grow light should be adjustable.

Color: Plants need a different color light for every step of their growing cycle. The best grow lights offer red lights, blue lights, and white light color options.
Brightness: In addition to color adjustability, LED growers usually have knobs for adjusting the brightness of their light bulbs to ensure optimal light intensity.

Proximity: You can also adjust how close the lights are to your plants by lengthening or shortening the rope or chain they’re hanging from.

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