Home>WAREHOUSE LIGHTING>8FT LED Shop Lights>AntLux 8FT LED Shop Light for Garage, 72W 8000LM, 5000K, 8 Foot Ceiling Light Fixtures, Plug in, Fluorescent Tube Replacement for Workshop Warehouse Basement, Hanging Lighting with on/Off Pull Chain
AntLux 8FT LED Shop Light for Garage, 72W 8000LM, 5000K, 8 Foot Ceiling Light Fixtures, Plug in, Fluorescent Tube Replacement for Workshop Warehouse Basement, Hanging Lighting with on/Off Pull Chain

AntLux 8FT LED Shop Light for Garage, 72W 8000LM, 5000K, 8 Foot Ceiling Light Fixtures, Plug in, Fluorescent Tube Replacement for Workshop Warehouse Basement, Hanging Lighting with on/Off Pull Chain Item NO.: AL-SL8FT5K-1

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  • ✔ ENERGY SAVING - Replace led shop lights with an 8000 lumens output at 72 watts 8ft LED shop lights. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
  • ✔ DURABLE - Made from high-quality materials, use the constant current driver with high precision and high efficiency. Two led strip lights included each fixture, no extra bulb needed, very bright. No disturbing flickering, no inadequate lighting, stable performance.
  • ✔ FAST INSTALLATION - Plug-in design with 5ft power cord and on/off pull chain. Mounting hardware included for easy and fast installation. NO BALLAST TO EVER REPLACE!
  • ✔ WIDE APPLICATION - Our 8 foot led strip lights are perfect for garages, basements, workshops, workbenches, utility rooms, storage rooms, barn, equipment rooms, auto shops, and replacing fluorescent versions.
  • ✔ 5 YEAR WARRANTY - If the 8ft led garage lights have any problem, just contact us: [email protected] 24/7 customer service.
Product Name AntLux 8FT LED Shop Light for Garage, 72W 8000LM, 5000K, 8 Foot Ceiling Light Fixtures, Plug in, Fluorescent Tube Replacement for Workshop Warehouse Basement, Hanging Lighting with on/Off Pull Chain
Item NO. AL-SL8FT5K-1
Weight 3.67 kg = 8.0910 lb = 129.4554 oz
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Brand AntLux
Creation Time 2019-11-03

AntLux’s 8 foot led shop lights is perfect for any application where high quality LED lighting is required for your workplace. Our 8ft LED garage ceiling lights provide you more brighter, cheaper and healthier lighting than incandescent and fluorescent tubes. A step up from 8 foot led strip light fixture is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

Widely Application: Garages, Basements, Workshops, Workbenches, Storage Room, Equipment Room, Industrial Workstations, Workplace, Warehouse, Auto shops, Barns, Utility and Recreation Rooms, Office, Laundry Room, Closets, Kitchen, Hallways, School, Hospital, Apartment.


Wattages: 72W; 

Lumens: 8000lm; 

Color Temperature: 5000K daylight white; 

Colour rendering index (CRI): RA>80; 

Operate Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz

Working Temperature: -20℃(-4°F)~+45℃(118°F)

Package Include: 

1 X 72W led shop light;

1 X Hardware;

1 X User Manual;



Lights were easy install and very lightweight. Added to two other 8 foot led's I had up in my shop, have all the light I need now.


C ****op


7 Days Ago


I bought these lights for garage, works great, looks great, if they last 10 + years will be happy.

7 Days Ago


I like quality and value.

7 Days Ago


We removed all ballasts from our garage and added these. Well worth the money especially if you turn your garage lights on/off frequently.

7 Days Ago


One review said you need 3 qualified people, but I have to respectfully disagree. I don't think I'm very qualified, and I just spent about 45 minutes installing 4 of these by myself. They are so light, I just pressed them up against the ceiling with my head while I screwed the first screw in. From there, I adjusted/rotated it until each end was the same distance from the wall to get them even, then put the rest of the screws in. Electrical wiring was stupid easy - just the standard hot, neutral, and ground wire nuts, and you are done. My garage is 36' x 22' and so far, so good, 4 of these light it up like the 4th of July.

7 Days Ago


Looks great. Lots of light.

7 Days Ago


Our customer is very happy with these lights for his new car wrap location.

7 Days Ago


Didn’t come with cord, wasn’t hard to get plug and wires from Home Depot. Very bright should be perfect for garage. Two per bay 2 feet from walls.

7 Days Ago



7 Days Ago


reasonable price that we can upgrade all the LED light at warehouse. nice bright. but still has few light are not worked in each box. i have to contact the product company. also, factory currently product is not in stock at Amazon website.

7 Days Ago


easy to put up and the lights are bright everything good

7 Days Ago


The lights were easy to Install and light weight but one of the lights has a dead zone. Given they were installed by an electrician, I hate to have him out again to install a whole new light. Can the company just replace the LED light? Need assistance on what I need to do

7 Days Ago


Great nice looking Bright lights, would order again, fast shipping!

7 Days Ago


Great light low profile lots of light

7 Days Ago


These are nice lights but I had to fix 3 out of the 4. The sides on 3 lights were bent on the sides making the led light covers not fit. If the products were packaged better, this would help eliminate this problem.

7 Days Ago


The four 8' lights really light up my garage better than the fluorescents they replaced. More- they come on instantly in cold temps. The lights work well.But...Advertised as connectable but it is not a plug and play simple job.. I had to furnish 14 gauge wiring and locknut cable clamp for each one I connected. The flimsy aligners are impossible to use on flush mount ceiling since you have to screw them together from the top after mounting each light.

7 Days Ago


I just put my first round of these lights up and had one already go dark about a 12 in spot. Great lights but I hope manufacturers will replace the one thats bad. Only been 2 weeks I put them up. Bright lights for sure just discouraged about this.

7 Days Ago



7 Days Ago


Very bright lights. Easy electrical install. Beats most other lights the same size by 40 bucks or so. Put up about 8 of them already on different job sites and have had no problems yet. No loose wires, no cracked lenses, very lightweight. Just a good affordable light. Great for basements,garages, workshops, and any place you really want to light up.

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