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AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop

AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop Item NO.: AL-WPWUS50W4K-1

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  • √ ENERGY SAVING: AntLux high-performance 4' led light fixtures work at 50 watts, 5500lm, (150W Traditional fluorescent equivalent), Kelvin 4000, which is the best replacement for less-efficient fluorescent light, energy-saving more than 75%, cut down the cost of the electric bill.
  • √ DURABLE: Wraparound led light 4ft is robust and reliable, not easily deformed, with good heat dissipation, over 50,000 hours lifespan.
  • √ SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The 4ft wraparound led light comes with all mounting hardware, followe by the user manual for fast and easy installation. Two led strips inside each light, no need for extra bulbs. ETL Certified is reliable.
  • √ ELEGANT DESIGN: Antlux 4ft led fixture shining from two sides, beam angle 180°. Ultra-slim LED shop light provides no glare, no dazzling, no flickering, super-bright, and uniform illumination lighting.
  • √ 5 YEARS WARRANTY: If the 4ft led ceiling lights to have any problem, just contact us: [email protected] 24/7 customer service.
Product Name AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop
Item NO. AL-WPWUS50W4K-1
Weight 2.49 kg = 5.4895 lb = 87.8322 oz
Volume 48 CBM
Category INDOOR LIGHTING > Ultra Slim LED Lights
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Brand AntLux
Creation Time 2020-06-22

4ft led wrap light
led wrap around

4 feet led light fixture

About AntLux 4FT Led Wraparound Light

AntLux's 4 foot led light fixtures provide high performance and energy saving for you. Our 4 ft led shop light for garage, 180° shining from 2 sides, providing enough bright, soft and comfortable lighting for your room. Upgrade version 4ft ultra slim LED lighting not only on novel look but also longspan, more than 50,000 hours, which is the best replacement for fluorescent tube.

Feature of 4FT LED Wrap Light

  • Ultra bright light and energy saving, cut down the cost of electric bill.
  • 180°shining from two sides, which enough to illuminate the entire space.
  • Frosted light diffuser provides soft and comfortable lighting, protect your eyes from dazzling and glare lighting.
  • Easy and quickly installation. Flush mounting and hanging mounting available.
  • Suitable for residential or commercial area.

Widely Application

garages, office, shop, workshop, workbench, kitchen, laundry, closet, utility rooms, storage rooms, basement, school, meeting room, warehouse, equipment rooms etc.

Specification of led wrap light

Wattages : 50W; 

Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz ; 

Lumens: 5500lm; 

Lumens Flux: 110LM/W; 

Color Temperature: 4000K; 

Beam Angle: 180°shining; 

CRI: up to 85+; 

Product Dimension: 48.2*6.5*1.5 inches; 

Working Temperature: -20℃(-68°F)~+45℃(118°F); 

Material: Metal+PC;

Shipping: Fulfilment by Amazon.

Package Include

50W LED wraparound: light fixture, light cover, and wire

Mounting hardware

User Manual



Good quality affordable price.

7 Days Ago


Replaced existing fluorescent fixtures. Installation was very simple and I am very happy with the brilliance of the lights.

7 Days Ago


This product is lightweight and easy to install as long as you have basic knowledge of wiring a light. It is no different to install than any other light and is much brighter than the old flourescent work lights. It's bright, you'll like it.

7 Days Ago


I had a problem with the 4' LED lights months after they were installed. Antlux responded immediately and sent me a replacement product. That's what customer service should be.

7 Days Ago


not bad,worth the money. will cover a 10x10 area o.k.

7 Days Ago


I like the lights, they are a lower profile than the current lights and are lighter. I am anxious to see them when they are installed. However, Covid has made it impossible to find someone to come install them.I'll update this review when we finally get someone to show up to remove our old fluorescent garage lights and replace them with this LED fixture.

7 Days Ago


I installed 12, 5 pictured.I'm an electrician and they were easy to install other than needing mounting brackets to get them in the orientation I desired. After reaching out, customer support did everything they could to remedy the situation quickly and efficiently.Fantastic company, would definitely recommend and purchase again.

7 Days Ago


I received this lamp in exchange for this review.All in all, this is a great lamp. It gives a bright well dispersed light around the entire room I installed it in. (The 5500 lumens is roughly as bright as my room was with the old 4-60W-bulb setup, but diffused in a way that eliminated the light and shadows pattern the 4 individual incandescent bulbs created.) Installation was straight forward, and is a good DIY project if you understand electrical wiring procedures (Youtube and other research can let you decide if this is a job you would rather leave to the pros)

7 Days Ago


Exceeded expectations. Excellent brightness. Look good.

7 Days Ago


item as described. Delivered as promised. Used to light a laundry area.

7 Days Ago


For the price, these are amazing! So much cheaper and nicer than the ones in the stores! We plan to buy more.

7 Days Ago


This fixture has very good light output. Color temperature is slightly warm, actually a near perfect match for the CFL fixture that it replaced. In both light output and color. That would make it good for a living space/ kitchen if you can live with the somewhat industrial look.For installation, I loved that it had a good length pigtail and options for electrical box attachment. Also has knockouts at each end and three across the inside which gives you a ton of flexibility in installing.***The only thing I can fault it for is the very lightweight construction. The whole thing flexes like a pool noodle when handling it. That’s all good and well, doesn’t make any difference once installed. BUT I’ve found the center plate that runs the length of the fixture to be too flimsy as well, and this does make a cosmetic difference because it sags in the middle. I don’t believe this will cause any serious issues but it could be a little sturdier in build quality for the price.***

7 Days Ago


Easy to install and plenty of light

7 Days Ago


Very happy with the purchase price, ease of installation and brightness.

7 Days Ago


Lights up my 10x10 kitchen! I don't even need my above the range light! Very impressed by the amount of luminarnation!

7 Days Ago


Very east to install and really lights up the room.

7 Days Ago


Price was right for this 4' LED Light, installation was rather quick and easy. Shipped to me in a timely manner. This light replaced a 25+ year old Tube Light and so far its a great big hit. The extra light it emits will be gratefully accepted by the House Plants . I'm expecting a slight reduction to my Electric Bill.

7 Days Ago



7 Days Ago


This is a really good light with one slight problem. The plastic lens is a little bit thin and can easily crack. I did so with one of the earlier ones.

7 Days Ago


Easy to install flush mount, they are light weight wise and give off very bright light compared to the original bulb lights i used to have.