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AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop

AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop Item NO.: AL-WPWUS50W4K-1

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AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop AntLux 4FT LED Wraparound Light Fixture 50W Ultra Slim Wrap Around Lights, 5500lm, 4000K, 4 Foot LED Shop Lights for Garage, Kitchen, Office, Gym, Surface or Suspended, Fluorescent Replacement, 2 Pack AntLux 4FT LED Wraparound Light Fixture 50W Ultra Slim Shop Light for Garage, 5500lm, 4000K, 4 Foot LED Light Fixtures Ceiling Mount for Garage, Kitchen, Office, Gym, Fluorescent Replace Ment, 6 Pack
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  • √ ENERGY SAVING: AntLux high-performance 4ft led shop light fixtures work at 50 watts, 5500lm, (150W Traditional fluorescent equivalent), Kelvin 4000, which is the best replacement for less-efficient fluorescent light, energy-saving more than 75%, cut down the cost of the electric bill.
  • √ ELEGANT DESIGN: Antlux led 4 foot shop lights shining from two sides, beam angle 180°. Ultra-slim LED shop lights provide no glare, no dazzling, no flickering, super-bright, and uniform illumination lighting.
  • √ DURABLE: Flush Mount LED shop light 4ft is robust and reliable, not easily deformed, with good heat dissipation, over 50,000 hours lifespan. Two led strips inside each light, no need for an extra bulb. ETL Certified is reliable.
  • √ SIMPLE INSTALLATION: The 4 foot led wraparound light comes with all mounting hardware, follow the user manual for fast and easy installation. Our 4ft led ceiling light fixtures are suitable for your kitchens, laundry rooms, closets, living rooms, attics, bedrooms, foyers, offices, basements, storage rooms, garages, hallways, etc.
  • ✔ LONG LIFESPAN AND RELIABLE - These 4ft LED ultra-slim shop light fixtures can last 23 years (6 hrs per day). If you need any support, please email us, our professional after-sales team will solve your problem timely and provide you 100% satisfaction solution.
Product Name AntLux 4FT LED Light Fixtures 50W Wraparound LED Light 5500lm, 4000K Neutral White, Ultra Slim 48 inch Office Ceiling Wrap Light Flush Mount, 4 Foot LED Shop Light for Garage, Kitchen, Workshop
Item NO. AL-WPWUS50W4K-1
Weight 2.49 kg = 5.4895 lb = 87.8322 oz
Volume 48 CBM
Category INDOOR LIGHTING > Ultra Slim LED Shop Lights
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Brand AntLux
Creation Time 2020-06-22

Product Description

4ft led wrap light

led wrap around

4 feet led light fixture

About AntLux 4 Foot LED Wraparound Light

AntLux's 4 foot led wraparound shop light fixture provides high performance and energy saving for you. Our 4ft ultra slim led shop light for the garage, 180° shining from 2 sides, providing enough bright, soft, and comfortable lighting for your room. Upgrade version 4ft led flush mount shop light not only on novel look but also long span, more than 50,000 hours, which is the best replacement for fluorescent tube.

Feature of 4FT LED Shop Light Fixture

  • Ultra bright light but energy saving, cut down the cost of electric bill.
  • 180°shining from two sides, which enough to illuminate the entire space.
  • Frosted light diffuser provides soft and comfortable lighting, protect your eyes from dazzling and glare lighting.
  • Easy and quickly installation. Flush mounting and hanging mounting available.
  • Suitable for residential or commercial area.

Specification of 4 Foot led shop light fixture

Wattages : 50W; 

Voltage: 120VAC 60Hz ; 

Lumens: 5500lm; 

Lumens Flux: 110LM/W; 

Color Temperature: 4000K; 

Beam Angle: 180°shining; 

CRI: up to 85+; 

Product Dimension: 48.2*6.5*1.5 inches; 

Working Temperature: -20℃(-68°F)~+45℃(118°F); 

Material: Metal+PC;

Widely Application

garages, office, shop, workshop, workbench, kitchen, laundry, closet, utility rooms, storage rooms, basement, school, meeting room, warehouse, equipment rooms etc.

Package Include

50W led wraparound light + Mounting hardware+ User Manual

Specification of led wraparound light

Lumens Flux 110LM/W;
Beam Angle 180°shining;
Working Temperature -20℃(-4°F)~+45℃(118°F);
Material Metal+PC;
Product Dimension 48.2*6.5*1.5 inches
Working Temperature -20℃(-4°F)~+45℃(118°F)

Product information

Technical Details

7 Days Ago


Exactly what I was expecting. Bright and simple to install in under 15 mins.

7 Days Ago

J. Burleson

Put this light up in my she shack!! Lights it up very well

7 Days Ago


Little difficult to install for one person. But it can be done. The lights are very bright. Better that the neon lights I previously had installed.

7 Days Ago


Product doesn't come with instructions

7 Days Ago


Very happy.

7 Days Ago

Deloris J.

Just right for what I needed it for

7 Days Ago


This one light lit up my 20 X 20 garage like daylight. I would not suggest it for an office, way too bright - see their smaller models for that.

7 Days Ago


This is the first set of LED lights that live up to their claims! I bought 4 total to light my double garage, but they turn the entire ceiling into a giant light box and there are no more dim spots!

7 Days Ago


These 72W LED garage lights were the perfect replacement for the 4-tube fluorescent fixtures in my garage. The color temperature of 4K is nice and white without being too blue , and while the rated lumens are slightly less than the total of the 4 fluorescent tubes in each fixture they replaced, they are subjectively brighter. The light is also very well distributed with no hot spots or shadow areas. While a standard 48 long, these fixtures are narrower than the fluorescent fixtures they replaced, so be aware that if your ceiling is painted, there may be some trim painting required. The only real negative was that the mounting holes had a different spacing than the fixtures they replaced (not sure if there is a standard for that), so two new holes had to be made (I also recommend using toggle bolts for extra security rather than the drywall anchors they supply), Looking forward to these LEDs outlasting me and never having to deal with the disposal process necessary with fluorescent tubes.

7 Days Ago


We replaced an old florescent ceiling light in our kitchen. What a huge difference this light made.

7 Days Ago


This fixture is superior to shop lights...Great Looking...non glare..High praises...

7 Days Ago


laundry room. works good

7 Days Ago

Glenn Peaches

Great quality

7 Days Ago


Exactly what my garage needed

7 Days Ago

AnaKarel Jimenez

This light was great light for the money and was bright . Iam talking so bright I had to put a dimmer switch on it.. but liked the brightness and quality.

7 Days Ago


Used two of these units for a large 2 bay garage. They replaced regular 60w bulbs - so going to 8,000 lumen LED made a huge difference. I tried 3000-3500 lumen lights and they still didn’t cut it.Happy w my purchase thus far, no issues.

7 Days Ago


Purchase this with the need for brightness and quality it was a little pricey but it was worth it please see the photos thank you

7 Days Ago

Bill S.

Installed the 8' version of this product in the garage (5000K) and these 4' versions for closets (4000K). Perfect color difference for those two uses. 4000K is slightly cooler/whiter than the typical soft 2700-3000K more yellow best for lamp light bulbs and works well in the closet. 5000K is absolutely fantastic in the garage. Not usually a fan of Chinese made merchandise but this company has done a good job of quality for price.

7 Days Ago


UPDATED: Seller refunded the entire purchase amount on the original light fixture that failed and I ordered the same fixture again. Support was excellent and I would definitely purchase this light again.ORIGINAL: After searching for a replacement for the worn out fluorescent fixtures in my shop, I found these with everything I needed, high light output, direct wire, and low profile. Installation was a snap.I installed two of them, but after only four months, one has stopped working. This is very disappointing as I love these lights otherwise.

7 Days Ago


Quick and easy. It took about 5 minutes to install it. (Hubby has a lot of electrical experience) Much brighter than we originally thought