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AntLux 110W LED Shop Light 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable, 12000 Lumens, 5000K, 8 Foot Garage Lights, Surface Mount and Hanging Ceiling Lighting Fixture, Fluorescent Tube Replacement

AntLux 110W LED Shop Light 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable, 12000 Lumens, 5000K, 8 Foot Garage Lights, Surface Mount and Hanging Ceiling Lighting Fixture, Fluorescent Tube Replacement Item NO.: NSL8FT5K-1

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  • ✔ SUPER BRIGHT – The 8ft led shop light provides 12000 lumens output at 110 watt with high efficiency. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
  • ✔ DURABLE FIXTURE - These 8ft led strip lights are ETL certified. There are led strips inside each fixture. No extra lighting source needed. Rugged aluminum used with excellent heat dissipation. Protect LED chips and driver to ensure long lifespan and stable performance.
  • ✔ EASY TO INSTALL – You can assemble these lights in line together. Both hanging and surface mount are available, includes all necessary mounting hardware. Very easy and fast installation to save your time and money.
  • ✔ WIDE APPLICATION - Our 8ft led light fixtures are perfect for garages, warehouse, workshop, supermarket, basement, workbench, utility rooms, storage room, barn, equipment rooms, auto shops and replacing fluorescent versions.
  • ✔ 5 YEAR WARRANTY - ANTLUX's 5-Year Warranty means we got you covered!
Product Name AntLux 110W LED Shop Light 8FT Linear Strip Lights Linkable, 12000 Lumens, 5000K, 8 Foot Garage Lights, Surface Mount and Hanging Ceiling Lighting Fixture, Fluorescent Tube Replacement
Item NO. NSL8FT5K-1
Weight 4.47 kg = 9.8547 lb = 157.6746 oz
Category WAREHOUSE LIGHTING > 8FT Lighting Fixture
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Brand AntLux
Creation Time 2020-02-15

Introducing the ANTLUX’s 8 foot led shop light

ANTLUX’s linkable 8ft led shop light is perfect for any application where high quality LED lighting is required for your workplace. Our 8 foot LED linear strip Lights provide you more brighter, cheaper and healthier lighting than incandescent and fluorescent lights. A step up from 8 foot led light fixture is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

Features of 8ft led lights

Easy and quick installation. Linkable design can make it easy to install individually or continuously.

Can be surface mounted and suspended mount to walls and ceilings for application variability.

Use residential or commercial voltage. Input voltage 120 Volts AC.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Energy-efficient LED technology lowers energy usage and cost. Emits over 12000 Lumens for 8ft led light fixtures.

Instant-On. 50,000hrs lifespan. Environment protection without UV or IR radiation.

Widely Application

Garages, Warehouse, Workshop, Supermarket, Basements, Workbench, Storage Room, Equipment Room, Industrial Workstations, Workplace, Auto shop, Barn, Utility and Recreation Rooms, Office, Laundry Room, Hallways, School, Hospital, Apartment.

Wattages: 110W
Lumens: 12000lm
Color Temperature: 5000K daylight white
Operate Voltage: 120 V AC, 50/60Hz

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Regular price is pretty steep for this one, but it can be had for mid 60's USD. I would consider it a buy at that price. Not as cost effective as two 4 footers, but not as much hassle either.It is pretty bright and pretty thin. Install was straightforward and it hasn't given me any issues thusfar.

7 Days Ago


Could be alittle cheaper in price but great lights for my shop.

7 Days Ago


I could have mounted this on the ceiling of the garage, but that would have put it very high up, so I used the supplied chain and hung it lower.Installation was easy.Pro tip: Don't look at it when you turn it on. you see the lights for a good five minutes after you look away!Very bright, hardly any shadow. A fantastic upgrade to any garage or home office.

7 Days Ago


Very nice unit for my large garage.

7 Days Ago


bright well made easy install

7 Days Ago


Put 4 in a large garage. Light up the whole place just fine.

7 Days Ago


Need to clarify it doesn’t cover a 3” box

7 Days Ago


The product arrived with one tube not working, but the new one is on the way. Fantastic and responsive customer service.

7 Days Ago


everything was pretty good one issue was clipping them together

7 Days Ago


Nice garage light for the motorcycle lift. Nice and bright. Easy to install. No issues.

7 Days Ago


Never has my garage been so bright! I replaces a 2-tube 4-foot fluorescent fixture with this 4 tube LED. Great choice. I can see things in the darkest corners. :-)

7 Days Ago


We had absolutely no issues with this. Install was straightforward. Housing is sturdy enough. Wiring was proper. Amount of light is fantastic.It has a good um not sure what to call it... spray? Pattern? Anyway it doesn't light just below it, it spreads out a good bit.Very happy with this.Don't forget to use the address - It's an Amazon program where many everyday things you buy will generate a small donation from Amazon to the charity of your choice. Info here:

7 Days Ago


Super bright, it's perfect

7 Days Ago


Very satisfied with my purchase!

7 Days Ago


Excellent light, brightens everything evenly and doesn’t hurt the eyes. I’m definitely getting more, if these for a very long time then definitely worth the money!

7 Days Ago


This is wonderful lighting. It's excellent brightness and coverage.Not at all glaring = blows away the old style (two 6ft fluorescent bulbs)we've had for years.>>> The big plus is not only 12,000 Lumen = BUT 50,000 hrs life.>>> At 8 hrs a day = 17 yr = OR 4 hr average a day = 34 yearsBefore installing - Need to remove LED strip (radiator board) from housing.There are 4 clips that hold the them together, it's very easy to pull apart.> The inside wiring unclips to lay the strip aside.>>> Can flush mount directly to junction box.The electric wires stick out 9 the back side of the fixture to work with.(After already having 2 screws (included) - screwed in the box = align the backof the fixture over those screws (instructions say) and turn clockwise 45 degrees.Additionally - place a screw at each end for support. - included>>> SO - with this application you need room on your ceiling to work with the turn.>>> BUT - BUT - BUT = it's easier to simply hold the housing how you want if = then add screws to the box.BUT know IF using a standard 3 1/2 octagon junction box = (the housing is 2 1/2 wide)you'll have 1/2 each side of the box showing. And need to be creative how to close the gap.>>> There is a second set of holes for a 2 1/2 junctio0n box, which the housing will cover.However, I've not been able to locate where to buy one.And reason for 4 stars>>> Can be hung with included 'anti shedding safety rope' (1/16 dia - 4ft 2in.)Which - if used as is = the fixture hangs down 4 ft.Product info says to adjust the rope, but I don't see that's possible.(our need was to hang only 10 - SO we replaced the rope with a chain)>>> Ceiling hooks w/screws are included>>> For safety and support, install wiring pipe & lock into fixture.>>> The housing is pretty thin, I'm able to easily straighten outwith my fingers = the 2 small bends it had when it arrived>>> The unit has a plastic lens with metal housingThe complete unit weights only 7 lb.(7ft 10in. long by 2 1/2 wide - 2 1/2 thick)>>> Not dimmable.

7 Days Ago


Ok so I decided to get this 8 ft led light to add in my garage that struggles to get clean bright light. Over the years I have been converting to led with the 4ft bulbs and they were pretty expensive a couple of years ago and I for sure would not have been able to afford this 8ft led light that now is less than it cost me to convert my others.Ok what I like: The light is very easy to remove the lens cover as it just snaps in place making it very easy to mount to the ceiling in my garage. The light includes a hanging kit but I did not need it since I mounted mine flush. The light puts out clean bright light. The light is slimmer than my other one I recently got but still works just as well. The lights starts up super instantly fast. Faster than any others I have used.Ok not so much: So this really is not a dislike but would be nice since the frame is notched out for the snap in type brackets to have included them.All in all a very nice light and the price drops of led light make it much more realistic to convert those old fluorescent lights to led. Thanks and hope this helps.

7 Days Ago


I ordered on Wednesday night, arriving on Saturday morning, installed Saturday afternoon. I didn’t like the mounting hardware cheap plastic drywall anchors so I used my own metal ones, the light is still heavy enough to properly mounting is important. Instructions not needed simple install super bright lights. I had old style tubes nice upgrade I installed 8 that afternoon. My only complaint was two of the diffusion covers the metal piece inside plastic wasn’t put together right from factory so coveres wouldn’t stay up on light housing I was able to fix it however it was frustrating nice production product mistakes are made.

7 Days Ago


Put 4 of these in my 30 by 20 shop with 14 foot height. AWESOME LIGHTS! You will not be disappointed!

7 Days Ago


Got the light delivered over the weekend and had it installed within an hour. Light is very bright and helps to fully illuminate my garage which is your typical 2 car garage with 8ft ceilings. The center cover was easy to remove to access all the lighting components and the wiring was color coded to match my US cabling standards using a Black, White, and Green cable. There were multiple holes throughout the light's structure to allow for solid mounting into the floor joists above which was nice because I didn't have to drill into the metal.I found the light output to be even and cover from floor to ceiling. There is no shadowing from the center cover when it is on.I would have given this light a 5 star rating, but the light came to me damaged. One of the end caps had come off due to the thing being dropped or hit by the shipper (I expect). The drop broke the rivets off of the light and bent the center structure. I was able to remedy this by using some pliers to bend the metal on the end and rivet the end cap back on. Seeing the end sits close to a beam that holds the floor joists above it should not be noticeable so I did not take the time to return. I do think the light can be packaged better, and Antlux should really look into packaging this thing with at least a small amount of foam on the ends and some center support.