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AntLux 110W 8FT LED Wraparound Ultra Slim Strip Lights, 12600 Lumens, 5000K, 8 Foot LED Garage Warehouse Light, No Glare, Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lighting Fixture, Fluorescent Tube Replacement

AntLux 110W 8FT LED Wraparound Ultra Slim Strip Lights, 12600 Lumens, 5000K, 8 Foot LED Garage Warehouse Light, No Glare, Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lighting Fixture, Fluorescent Tube Replacement Item NO.: AL-8USWP72W4K-1

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  • ✔ SUPER BRIGHT – The 8ft led strip lights to provide 12600 lumens output at 110 watts with high efficiency. Energy Savings of up to 70% electric bill instantly. Provides 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
  • ✔ DURABLE FIXTURE - These 8ft led wraparound lights are ETL certified. Rugged aluminum used with excellent heat dissipation. Protect LED chips and drivers to ensure a long lifespan and stable performance.
  • ✔ NEW DESIGN - Soft, no glare, Eyecare design. Ultra Slim design makes your space more elegant. 180°shining from both sides, no inadequate lighting. There are two 8ft led strips inside each fixture. No extra lighting source needed. linkable design can make it easy to install individually or continuously.
  • ✔ WIDE APPLICATION - Our 8ft led light fixtures are perfect for warehouse, workshop, supermarket, garages, office, equipment rooms, and replacing fluorescent versions.
  • ✔ 5 YEAR WARRANTY - If the 8ft led shop lights to have any problem, just contact us: [email protected] 24/7 customer service.
Product Name AntLux 110W 8FT LED Wraparound Ultra Slim Strip Lights, 12600 Lumens, 5000K, 8 Foot LED Garage Warehouse Light, No Glare, Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lighting Fixture, Fluorescent Tube Replacement
Item NO. AL-8USWP72W4K-1
Weight 5.1 kg = 11.2436 lb = 179.8972 oz
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Brand AntLux
Creation Time 2019-01-02

Introducing the AntLux's 8FT LED Wraparound Light

AntLux’s 8ft led strip light is perfect for any application where high quality LED lighting is required for your workplace. Our 8 foot LED shop lights provide you more brighter, cheaper and healthier lighting than traditional lights. A step up from 8ft led light fixture is not only in light but in look. It is the perfect energy-saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications in residential and commercial needs.

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8FT LED shop lights FAQ

Features of 8 foot LED Strip Light Fixtures

Durable steel construction with knock outs on ends and assemble the lights in line.

Ultra thin patent design. Frosted light cover provides soft and comfortable light, no dazzle, uniform illumination.

Outstanding thermal solution suit for usage in commercial application and provide wide angle brightness control.

Energy-efficient LED technology lowers energy usage and cost. Emits over 12600 Lumens for 8 foot led wrap lights.

Widely Application

Warehouse, Workshop, Supermarket, Garages, Basements, Workbench, Storage Room, Equipment Room, Office, Utility and Recreation Rooms, Hallways, School, Hospital, Apartment, Industrial Workstations, Workplace, Auto shop, Barn.


Wattages: 110W

Lumens: 12600lm

Color Temperature: 5000K daylight white

Operate Voltage: 120V AC, 60Hz

Working Temperature: -20℃(-4°F)~+45℃(118°F)

Shipping: Fulfilment by Amazon, receiving goods faster and safer.

7 Days Ago


Really pleased with these. Replaced old fluorescent fixtures with this and it's a night and day difference (pun intended)

7 Days Ago


value and quality.

7 Days Ago


Good construction

7 Days Ago


very bright and easy to install

7 Days Ago


You won't be disappointed with these lights , install was simple took me under 10 minutes to install one light! Just a note you do not have to take the lens covers off to install these fixtures! I was hesitant when I looked at some of the photos online because they looked like their were dark spots or shadows, but that's due to your phone cameras filter process to block out light To get a sharper image. In my photo, even my camera dims the lights. You will not have shadows with these lights! Very bright and I am very happy.

7 Days Ago


This is my second purchase of these lights. The first one I installed in my garage. Very happy with the ease of install and quality of the illumination. It made a huge difference and the price was very good. Overall a very good value and they have outstanding customer service at Antlux!

7 Days Ago


Love the design and brightness in my garage. Made a huge difference in how my garage looks and feels. I recommend these lights to everyone looking to brighten up their dingy garage.

7 Days Ago


They are great, but I had to have a pro install them. Getting to old.

7 Days Ago


I was a little worried about the shipping concerns folks mentioned in the reviews. All 3 boxes of 2 lights each showed up in good shape. They look great on the ceiling. Plenty of nice white light throughout my shop. I was a little worried it would be that white blue tint, but it looks amazing. Very happy with my purchase.

7 Days Ago


great product ..super bright

7 Days Ago


Exactly what I needed to brighten up the garage for working on my vehicles. A significant upgrade over the two little dinky lights I replaced.

7 Days Ago


I installed 2 of this LED lights in our 2 car garage. They are very easy to install and very bright.. When we move, I will be ordering more of these light and installing them into our next home..

7 Days Ago


Just what we needed to finish our project.

7 Days Ago


I replaced an 8' Fluorescent 2 bulb light with one of these. I had replaced another 2 bulb one before with a different LED light. These are much brighter and the 5000K is so much closer to daylight than the fluorescent or 4000k LED light. I highly recommend them. I installed them with a helper and it was very straight forward. I would buy them again.

7 Days Ago


super bright and easy to install

7 Days Ago


Do you have a Christmas discount code? And if you do, will you send it to me?

7 Days Ago


Holy crap this is a bright light! It fills my work area and provides nice bright and flicker free light. Was easy to install. I wired mine to a smart plug for Alexa voice control. Love this work light!

7 Days Ago


Nice lights but packaging was terrible, I honestly don't know how they made it.

7 Days Ago


I was searching for something that had high lumen output in addition for something that was more aesthetically pleasing and a lower profile. This was the only light that I saw through my searching that actually met all the criteria is above and it is super bright. Looks super sleek I love it!I almost gave it four stars because it came damaged but Amazon customer service came through and made it all right. For those of you who have never contacted Amazon for issues you definitely should ,they definitely value customers complaint/concerns.

7 Days Ago


Nice clean looking light, very bright light, just what I need in my garage.

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